cd18 & 19, cycle 11, 2/6 whitening facial

i went for è 2nd facial today, 2/6 of è
treatment… i think it helps lighten skin tone indeed…

shoppin for a tablet, so difficult to decide… i waited for @ps atrium dr cafe, this press coffee tastes weird…

finally we decided samsung note 8.0, mainly due to a very helpful didi sales who shared a lot! è note 8.0 wifi cost sgd588, n this shop gives 9k amh back up batt, 16g micro sd card, pocket pouch. and the guy who help us with the paym gave us a free thumbdrive, 8gig one n it costs sgd10…

We drove down 2somerset n went to h&m for shoppin too… we spent sgd120 juz lik tat… in h&m… but i would say, good buy!

cd 19 – mon
i can start readin my mag on line! haha… i m downloading sm korean show, should b able to view tonight, together w/my mag, which i will subscribe later.. @ è moment, i m on train 2work… will try 2get rid of those funny widgets too… è funny thg, i m not excited @all, i juz wan to mak it look lik iphn…


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