super hot sun!

was workin on fri, buzy n shitty day… still catchin up on backlog… din n drks w/him aft work… ph sleepin for him… smtimes we really dun know where 2go. s’pore is ex!

sat is groupon ba ku teh aft meeting kakis, smthg different, klang style bkt, no refill of soup tough…

nice catchin up w/kakis… hope we can do it more often!

hot & humid, can we get enough of this sticky day n night!

tcm acupuncture 2day… feel è needle a lot… 1st session aft a super long cycle…. glad 2start fresh, yet again no hopes.. 2avoid more dissappointm!

hav been chatting w/some fateful ladies ttc hard… iui / ivf… struggles w/life, hope we see light soon…

he muz b super poor thg livin w/me, messy, lots of hair everywr, always changin my mind last min… him drivin all over…



mar fresh start!

after a 52d cycle, my menses started… it started w/a little brown strains in discharge juz b4 i was abt 2leave ofc on fri. followed by little brown discharge aft ktv @teo heng… trying to not imagine too much, dismiss any hopes n juz went for supper w/kakis… he cam 2fetch me n we headed hm…

when preparin 2tak my shower, was pleasantly surprised tat it started, gosh! was almost goin 2gyne 2tak duphaston.

it will b cd14 when we tak off for hanoi, mayb we can try for made in halong bay since è made in paris failed last yr…

while making our way to post ofc to collect a mystery registered mail, i kinda feel it may be frm taiwan…

indeed it was, sweet joanne post me é supplement n 好运棉。。。

i sobbed in é car as he ask if i will é supplement… i was thinkin how some of è weekly tcm tasted so horrible but i juz gobbled it 2x a day, wat is this little pill to me… only people who 吃过这种苦知其中滋味。。

look forward, stay positive, dun keep harpin on wat u hav done blahh…

sushi n coffee w/him @vivo b4 headin back 2close shop.. **sweet** as always! i din see wat i wanted 2check out @sephora, but nvm.. no hurry…

sun tml, bright one we hope!



more positive thoughts!

it’s a boring march… no menses, nothing to look forward.. luckily my family is comin over for steamboat dinner tml… i took sm time 2prepare è required… happy marketing!

painting of facade goin on… after lik 3yrs since completion of lift upgrading…

i muz keep more posiitve thoughts… we will hav our baby, dar dar knees will

@è end of the tunnel, we will grow happily together!

直子之手, 与子偕老。