oscar rolling in…

mei mei is almost 11wk i guess.. tml we will go see dr steven ag 8.30am.. wow! cannot believe.. we hope she is well.. if all is well we will go for the oscar screening scan tml at 9am..

i kinda feel bubbles this week.. not sure if i m thinkin 2much.. 


back at the high class hotel high tea.. the last time we were here, i was heavily preggie with junior.. lik a 20+ weeks big..

we jus went to dr steven teo this morn.. the baby looks fine.. 9w +5d.. he sees the umbilical cord from the top.. we will do panorama test nex visit.. if bb still there!

the thomson clinic scan is different.. oscar n 20w n 30w..

panorama test for trisomy 13, 18 n 21.. i ask him 13  n 18 pregnancy survival rate high n will there b markers on scan? he said not high but can survive till full term n markers may nt show up on ultrasound.. 

even if born baby unlikely to survive.. so save the angony for a surgery 4nothing.. tats the reason 4nipt.. the result will tell u if there is any n for the parents to decide to let it stop on its own or remove.. 

i also ask him if its present will the hb come on.. he say its possible hb will still come on n it will grow till full term..

for 21 down syndrome, the markers can b not present.. there is a spectrum n it can b the mild one.. n the lifespan is very long.. lik 50 to 60y..

n he mention how long baby stay inside depends on maturity.. but labour 4 second one may b faster.. 

he is indeed direct n blunt…

1 more day to scan

tml we r goin back to dr steven to do a follow up.. hopefully the hb is strong and all is good..

our neighbour lost his wife.. they look 40s, the uncle mus b heartbroken..life is really short.. we need 2cherish every moment..