my black dress

i m wearin the black dress tat i was wearing when i first felt very strong flicks of junior… memories.. now this dress is accompanying me as i pump in é this new landscape…

there r notti times n good boy times… we will bring him up well

soothing in…

towards end of week.. happy junior (most of è time i guess) n happy mummy.. i guess he is learning how 2grow up @ifc… 2little time @hm w/us..

am using my left over packages. let me finish all soon…


going 2mid week…

lunch @é east.. walkin around n enjoying é last bit of me time…

i haven’t been here for a very long time.. the whole mall changed..

i m goin back 2work really soon, é landscape changed, circumstances changed too… i need 2b so ready@!


retail therapy on wed, é week is comin 2an end soon.. i better start plannin 4work! pump n wat 2wear!

march marched in

n junior is in infant care! woohoho!! heard he is ok so far.. i cam 2do my nails aft vaccumin, moppin n preparing 4dinner.. 1st day was ok for him. 3 calls askin about him aft i came back w/him.

he look really happy on è bouncer when i fetch him. i need 2start thinkin what to do aft i brg him back..

aft a very long n enduring process, we hav junior, cutie, loves 2smile n interact when he is happy… contented. like a wish come true..

hope dar dar draws strength n b positive!!