halfway past nov

the passin of another influential one reminded me that even if u have all the $ in the world, u may not get to do wat u wan all the time..

we really should live now… not live in regrets..

junior is gettin notti, resists being put in his cot, dun like to be restrained… many pattern.. tats part of being cute to me.. haha… i still feel blessed the 2 survivin embryos turned to him.. a cheeky droolin milk monster!

xmas seepin in…

its xmas again.. last yr this tim we felt dif.. full of anxiety.. n buzy with home tidying… this yr we r busy makin junior drk water n clear his poopoo… smtimes i really feel lik havin a second baby.. tat will b lots of fun!

i miss the one in tw.. hope they r well.