on n b4 last fri of may

wok up early on sat n went 2mkt. nice trip as i got sm veggie, realise kampung chicken is easily available, in half chicken n nicely chopped up. i m so goin 2try 2mak dtf style double boil chicken soup with my ban blessed pot n cook din @hm tml.

went 4a talk n sat in 4a talk by dr p chew, he gives a very experience feel n i think he is almost 70yrs.

i did é cookin on sun, not exactly é taste i wanted, but aft a day of chores, no need 2step out is a kind of blessing…

thurs market chinatown

last night we were talkin abt dates n clashes with his schedules… i m worried too… abt different things happening..

we can only plan more when we know date of er…

mum called me around 10am plus n ask if i wanted 2go chinatown mkt 4fish shoppin… i finished my jab n went over… i literally forced é needles into my skin today, thank goodness it went in… back 2kk tml morn!!

i bought a slice of ngor fish n it cost sgd 6… not bad… we r eatin at hm 2night, finishin é left over food..


rainy rainy mon…

i had an order last night via sms, met é buyer @mrt 2day 2pass her é item n i think i will go bedok sheng shiong 2walk walk.. will cook curry chicken when i m back…

i managed 2defrost half of é frozen wings pack… not é best way but i guess ok for now… nex tim i shall only buy 1kg pack…

may i try my best 2find a ft job n bfp this cycle!! i m very upset af din start as planned… but i guess things happen for a reason, hang on there!!

it was rainin this late morn, gloomy…

in é end é main thing i bought from sheng shiong is é pink n white powder… n i bought 4é gers too!

cookin curry is not that difficult, but nex time i will boil é potato 1st… otherwise i hav 2cook é whole curry 4very long time…


he likes it, nicee~~

more job huntin @night, keep tryin!! sometimes i hav 2rem é long route i took n why…

cd 8&9, cycle 16, bruises bruises

sat morn is for kk hospital visit, 2sign é medisave paper for him… signin is 2min, waitin is 20mins… aft signing, we headed 2pek kio mkt 2try é prawn noodles, nöt bad but definately wun q for it again…  same 4é fried carrot cake, nice but nt worth a 30min q… but grocery shoppin @tat mkt is interesting… very clean. but i realised they hav less variety on greens, more on seafood n fishes, and many different type of fruits too. bought sm china cai xin-small size ones, chilli padi, corrainder n spring onion,for sgd 2. century eggs, sgd2 for 4 eggs.

restin @hm in noon, shopped @taobao, he fixed è masterbedrm door. din @outram ba ku teh, vivo toy shoppin, din get anythg… he said he regain sm lost weight n is upset n din wan 2eat, so we order 1 mee sua 2share.. he say not pratical 2buy pressie… but i sm so determined 2buy é spiral car or penguine toys!! let me try 2find it! bought more cherries from vivo giant, sgd 10.90 for 500g!



at night, it’s confirmed é precious little bdae celebration b on 14dec!! we b @KL… he actually told his mum in é car how tired it is to attend his bro events, lik weddin @botanic gardens, weddin, é precious one 1st mth @chalet… i was so happy he stood up to say how tired it is for é people around his bro to help run é one aft another poorly planned events…

this sun morn jab is easier, not like yest where i fumbled with é puregon pen n wondered if i injected é right dose. nvm, hope tml scan shows good results! nervous mon! n i see 2 bruises, ouch. gettin harder 2inject each day… i feel more obvious pain on sides of ovaries, esp right… hope it’s for good results.

cooked noodles, added half packet of instant noodles, regular caixin, 3/4 of a pkt of enoki mushsroom, spring onion n an egg! it’s quite yummy, let me try addin more veg, mushroom 2bumb up fibre, tak less carbohydrates. i can’t do vigrous exercise for now, or @least till mon when i go for scans… i kinda loss 1kg totally, but let me try 2continue 2work on it…

aft lazing on é sofa for lik 3hrs since 4.50pm, she ask if he wan 2eat anythg… she can order mac 2try é ebi burger or cook noodles… he opted 2driv 2mac 4mac, n we actually managed 2order è ebi burger!! it doesn’t taste tat fantastic, but good try still…

cd 32, cycle 14, bbt deep dive

borin n sun.. wanted 2go out 2distract myself, but it was rainin so heavily tat dar dar also dun wan to drive.. so i cook din.



he said too plain… soup too spicy.

my feet is still achin from é paz heels… é sore part is @é bones..

when i wok, i saw my bbt was lik 36.1 deg, with dat happened yest, i kinda knew i m most likely not goin 2mak it 2é bt… nothin too scary 4é rest of é day, until lik 7pm. é scary moment, juz as i finish cleanin aft din, i see more red steaks!! é nex thg i know will b an entire red discharge…

cd 25, cycle 14, hm-ing on sun

we really din do anythg this sun… i was finishin my dvd, preparin é round chinese spinach from sheng shiong, kept laundry… he was ok 2eat @hm, so i whip up 卤肉饭.



cook é tw rice from é precious little one since cny n é 五花肉 from sheng shiong… while é main dish is simmerin in é claypot, i fried é chinese round spinach w/garlic, too salty… nex tim will add much less of é seasonin bought in m’sia…

showered, no pre-af spottin, yet. looks lik he does nt wan 2go out… so here we r stayin @hm. watchin hk tv drama…

finished all é food, washed up all é utensils, pots, claypot & pan. now let me plan wat to do tml n tues, public holiday!!

a closer look at é 卤肉饭


cum 14 oct 2013, it’s our 8y together, woohoo!!

sis n mummy plannin 2go hk in mid nov, still wonderin if i can go w/them… questionss….

while watchin é hk tv drama, he also help me sew é fallen button from my beloved nautical shorts. heehees.. if he dun help me then i guess i will send it to mummy 2é rescue!!

at night, ard lik 10pm, he actually said he’s hungry, we crawl 2mac n then to ntuc to buy a bottle of soy sauce 4my little kitchen!!