we saw wat we wished

there’s yolk, fetal pole n heartbeat… 

dr steven point on genetic screening is oscar as a basic n panaroma.. panaroma check chromosome 13, 15, 21 n a promo 22, plus gender.  he said even if do panaroma also muz do oscar.. coz panaroma canot pick up non-genetic defects lik baby no head.. then i said, ya i know.. oscar scan can see if brain n stomach has water/big cavity… haha.. he is really direct n blunt!

nex visit is 3wk away.  he say linning doesn’t matter liao…

the weekend..

we went to see dr teo.. he is lik wat i rem him.. no pr, direct.. good judgement..

his bedside manners quite good.. he never did any scannin for me while @kkivf..

the wait was really nothing.. once we were done with registration we can see him..

conclusion he see a tiny cystic sac.. 3mm.. too small to b called anythg.. back two weeks to scan again.. he feel we should giv it time 2grow..

this is the 1st tim i dun hav 2wait 2see a gyne.. even for 1st aptm of the day..

a bit ex on surcharge.. still exlporin..

no matter wat it is at least another two weeks wait..

we cam out for walk.. i rem jus 3y ago, 2013 countdown to 2014, we were here 2see fireworks n that was a year of many battle n scars.. n it was when the chemical pregnancy episode jus wrap up…

we really wish what is ours will come, n we will hav another healthy baby in our arms…

i need to remind myself, even if a miscarriage is around the corner, there is nothing we can do..