KL wkend getaway…

cash expenses – myr 880
air tickets – sgd 150
hotel room – sgd 190
total – sgd 700

it’s almost all paid by dar dar… opps..

the day we arrived was quite ok, but i got really sleepy by noon.. è walk 2é monorail stn was far.. coz we missed é 1st stn. é monorail looks like a baby caterpilar. drop é luggage at hotel n walk 2é isetan food street nex door, had a very ex penang char quay tiao.. walk further n came across a strech of coffee shop. ordered prawn mee n wantan mee, hot n ice kopi.. totally delicious n not ex.



walk around é bukit bintang area, end up @times sq n got a pair of slippers 2replace his torn sandles. i was really sleepy @times sq already. so when we check in2 è hotel, i rest for a while, bath, wash hair, did é med insert n set off 2pavilion mall in a very heavy rain… great place, very high end, with one of é only 2 kl padini concept shop. shop @brands outlet juz nex 2our hotel, he bought 2polo tees, great buys!


back 2hotel 2offload our buys, napped for a while n off 2jalan alor 4din!! supper happening, crowded, many thgs goin all… we settled for a restaurant recommended by someone in tripadvisor.. é food was not bad, not cheap though.. i was already cravin 4cockles b4 i set off, n i m so glad i manage 2eat it in jalan alor, n smore it’s de-shelled! overall very happy trip there, lots 2see n eat!

we made our way back 2hotel, finish é lavendar macroons, mini pan cake n crash in2 bed!

on sat morn, we set off 2sunway pyramid shoppin mall, é taxi fare is myr50, é driver is a chinese… very pretty mall.. i gave é 2little ones a promise, hope they survive well n arrive safely healthily.. mummy will psyco daddy 2fufill é promise asap… i shopped @é long awaited jelly bunny, bought 1 pair of shoes n 2pouch. there is a promo, 25% off for purchase of 3items n above. dar dar also had a great time shoppin @brands outlet, 2more polo tee!

msia kenny rogers muffin comes in flavours!

nex is bookin a taxi @é taxi counter 2mid valley mega mall! i luv how organise this place is!! we spotted a display indicatin expected shuttle bus timin 2é lrt station, took a photo, check é map, realised it actually leads a lrt stn near jalan petaling.

this older mall is juz as great, consistent theme xmas deco, many shops n good air con. but é ladies r crowded, q, squad pan only n dirty… we ventured 2a new high end extension, very clean n not crowded toilets… b4 we left, there was this musical performance in celebration of xmas n real paper snow.

jus as we found è way 2é right exit 4é shuttle bus, we saw a line of people boardin è shuttle bus, kinda rush 2wards it n hop on aft confirmin w/é driver tat it goes 2é lrt stn. the bus stopped @a few places b4 hittin è lrt stn. we really ended up takin lrt n walkin 2chinatown!

walked a bit, had food again at a roadside stall, bbq fish n chicken claypot  rice. there is literally nothin 2shop here… we head back 2hotel, w/original plan of headin out 4drks @bukit bintang.. i kinda dozed off n he juz sat around waitin.. in é end decided not to go, as it was late…

we took turn 2bath, watch tv n crash into bed again…

nex morn is juz walkin 2cfe shop 4brkfast again, yumzz… swing by lot 10, saw a set up 4xmas cookie house deco set-up, lovely ladies @work…

back 2brands outlet, 2more shirt, n rush back 2hotel coz i had a stomach ache!! kinda happy coz i had constipation for like 3days..

check out from hotel, went back 2lot 10, walk up 2é monorail stn, cross é man-made metal bridge, took é monorail 2kl sentral… finally know where is é kl sentral monorail stn…

luv this getaway, can’t wait 2cum back soon…


cd 5 cycle 16, 3rd day of puregon jabbin

i got more tired aft gym on tues, sleepin on é sofa for like 1 hr late noon while laundryin is goin on in kitchen.

wed was a nightmare. i could hardly get out of bed even at 10am. i was 30mins late from my planned jab time. i staggered out of bedrm, was hardly able 2stand up straight n rest on sofa 4another 10 mins… mayb begining of a nightmare.

finally made my way 2é fridge n jab another dose of 150iu puregon. é rest of é day was still feelin tired, lethagic n restless. tml onwards i will hav 1 more injection for 5days (thur-mon). hope i dun feel worse aft this additional drug.


but i did not let myself roll on sofa or bed longer. made lunch, noodles, cai xin n frozen seafood.. aft lunch i vaccum é house, mop n clean up our home a bit. it’s been a while n thgs r gettin dusty…

bath, used é long bought body scrub, fancl powder scrub sample… as part of my effort 2clear these long time purchase…
tidied è working desk n moved my laptop in2 é platform rm, fixed é fallin out stuff in é rm. it’s been too long, no more slacking. all thgs in place, on pc, printed é KL trip air tickets, checked details again, clipped on our little white board. together w/my medan trip, they are all in one stack. am applying 4jobs, hopefully will get smthg i will enjoy doing! smtimes i think back do i regret leavin my seemingly pretigous position in é bank n laze @hm 无所事是 all day… actually i really dun, i would hav gone crazy if i stayed on. now i look 4ward 2a new role, either something i like or something less with responsibility.

this is my wish n plan, god bless, please let it come true. but as always life throws us all over è place, so nx yr this tim, xmas, let’s see how n wat we will be!

18-29 nov – stimulating med
2 dec – er
4 dec – et
7-8 dec – medan
11 dec – dental aptm
13-15 dec – KL
16 dec – start work (watever work)
21 dec – blood test, bfp (hopefully)
early sep 2014 – edd healthy bb (hopefully hopefully please!!)

like i always say my wishes to zsnn, please bless us with a healthy baby, we will 还願 with red eggs, share è blessings with more 信徒 n 添香油.

i really tried my best, keep my weight not over 60kg, exercise as n when i can. rest, drk vit c, cherries.

please let this nov 2013 cycle b a success with a good pregnacy n healthy baby, i m not afraid of é loneiness @hm alone, giddy/headache, pain of injection or any discomfort to come with er, but i m very frighten of failure.. afraid 4af to start.. sobzz… i imagine while waitin 2go 4er, if i meet sm1 @é operatin theatre while queuing, i will smile n tell é person how scared i m of failure…


thundery fri!!

juz as i was contemplating wat 2tak 4lunch, i boil 2 eggs…  felt a gush n headed 2washrm, thinkin my estimation wun b so b so accurate bah… in é end, tada!! i really see sm light red discharge… it is as per my marking, although it’s not really cd1 real flow, but at least é 21 days of nor-e n full breakout all over my face, esp chin, is a true indicator of menses startin… i called kk but i think i can only call again later or tml, as they mark real flow as d1, n 2go kk d2 or d3 from start of real flow…

i m on way 2massage now, mayb é last one in a while… é very unprof people @é spa can say all they wan, but me am.nkt goin 2sign anythg w/them… they dun really deliver wat they mean.. lik my 90 min massage dun cum w/é mask anymore…

on thurs nite, met up w/é watsapp group gers 2break é curse. hope it works, i got nothing much 2share, more 2listen 2their thoughts…

hav been lookin @hotel bookin, to use up é 1free night earned from europe trip last yr… deciding btwn penang or kl. let’s see how.

aft massage, i walked 2far east 4a hair wash n 2meet ex-clg 4kopi… é salon is 4ever askin customers 2add on this treatm shampoo n that scalp ampoule, or tak a package 4washin hair… the px dif is lik dif of sgd0.30, why will i wan 2lock myself up for 10x of hairwash for sgd 3??
normal sgd18 less 15% from member card = sgd 15.30
package sgd 15
can i juz wash my hair in peace, anyway they serve yummy biscuits, was quite dump to not try it before…


finally meet up w/ex-clg 4kopi @yakun, she is still gorgeous n leadin a happy life. glad for her!

aft é catchin up, i took bus 5 n trf 2 mrt @tiong 2vivo, 4é movie captain philips… so happy we finally finish é gv prepaid card b4 expiry! there is a navy showcase @vivo… things lik this appeal to some…


it’s a very good mv, thanks 2dar dar for wantin 2catch it. will be a loss 2miss it. had drks aft tat @shuffle… nice drk 4him aft a good mv! é singin on this late fri night was soso….more 2enjoy é atmosphere…



muscle ache on a mon

as expected, wok up w/achin thigh, arms, neck muscles… i rem seeing dar dar on é light 2change or work… but dun rem biddin him goodbye…

i hav 2 aptm originally, lunch aptm w/my kakis from ex-ofc n kakis @night b4 hx goes for delivery… but as yy was not well due to menses, we postponed é din to 2weeks later… better also as i was achin all over… é circles spots r where my muscle r aching… ouch!!

lunch was hyprocritical as usual, but i m glad we r nt clgs anymore… theae days no1 speaks from é heart anymore… easier 2get along as frens… mrs drama was boastin how much she luv work n é new territories she conquered. but i feel so sad 4é clients n people working on this client.. she may be able 2force certain thgs öut, but does she really know if it’s done in a correct way n if it’s her own team problem/fault in é 1st place… haizzz another bimbo on é block…

anyway i enjoyed é food, gyu kaku set lunch always makes me feel value 4money… too bad i din tak any pics… coffee aft lunch @joe & dough, é star n é emo princess cam along too… emo princess had sm questions 4me, i juz feel so glad i m nt there anymore… é team continue 2work sense-less…

é drama queen continue 2live in her own world w/her self-crowned god…

i went 2jems 2check out sm stuff aft tat, it started 2pour soon n i learnt that there were bad floodin in parts of west…

now i m on mrt hm, i shall grab a korean book @nex library later, i wan 2self learn some basics…

when i return from macau nex mon, i will wait 4af 2start, then my fresh ivf, then pray 4good results n hopefully er happens by cd14, et by cd16, n many more embroys 2freeze… i hope 2start working by é tim i return from medan, n bfp b4 xmas!!

念力, 用心想就会实现。。。

shall start packin soon… lookin at my kose travel size, i think i will bring toner, moistriser, eye cream , sunblock. pump out sm lancome liquid foundation, brg é mini mineral powder, small brush, nars blush, blush brush, liquid eye liner, MAC mineral eye shadow n é small sponge eye shadow applicator….


my ham is 1week plus old, let me try 2finish it asap…

hanoi exploring apr’13 part 2 of 2

after sapa, we checked into a very large suite @hanoi moment 2 hotel.. nice room!

we set off 2halong bay cruise, n è tour guide pick us from hanoi moment 2! é cruise was ok.. nice view of é bay…

returnin from halong bay, é ground floor rm was disappointin… we stayed 2days.. survived!

overall, it’s not tat good for shoppin.. but é wheather was lovely!


hanoi exploring apr’13 part 1 of 2

6 apr, we took off 2hanoi. this is a trip booked since cny.. gosh, é sq gkts r super cheap! sgd766 for 2return tkts..

upon arrival, è hotel staff pick us from é arrival gate, we boarded a luxury toyota camry n set off 2é hotel!

é traffic dun standstil, even when traffic light turns red… for me, it was ok.. everywr we go, he would hold my hand… esp when we cross buzy roads… n in the very messy city, he studied è map n we breeze through all…

despite been geared for hot n humid week, it turned out cool n dry most of é time, n the jacket i brought for sapa turn out in most pics…

é 1st 2days are ok.. old quarter n french quarter… nothing special… we roamed around till it was time for sapa train.. è bellboy who brought us to è train station is so cute! he was frantically
callin è reception cuz we were too early…

nevertheless we boarded è bunk bed train n set off to sapa.. é lady opp me on lower berth is from china.. she speaks vietnamese… quite chatty…

there was a rail accident juz before lao cai station.. so the train like stopped for an hour, then move to another location, wr we climbed down the train to transfer to another train 2lao cai… tat scene was so dramatic! luckily everyone was calm n patient, locals n tourist alike.. helped each other, n moved to the transfer train…

from there we reached sapa, meet up é driver n started an exciting hour long ride to sapa town! this driver skill is good n he is a bold one… we met out guide, we soon started trekkin to the villages… there were some village people following us throughout till lunch stop.. i was so scared n i dun even dare to talk to them…

they did dampen our mood to admire é beautiful landscape… if only they are not around.. we will be able to enjoy it better… è food is good.. although it’s quiet, like hardly no one dine there…

è rest of è hiking made me feel really fortunate to be born in s’pore… è return
leg from sapa is really funny.. w/a local playin pop songs from mobile loudly n hittin his head.. i fell asleep to é
music actually…



europe vacation review

i am quite proud of è hotels i chose this time round… they were mostly decent, not too ex (below sgd300) n good location…

zurich: near è hb station n on è way to old town

luzern: a bit far from rail station, but it gotta b è best in swiss, good wifi, spacious, clean n neat. and they allow super early check in!!

zermatt: a good compromise, good wifi

geneva: despite it’s shady neighbourhood, this is quite a peaceful hotel, w/stairs lik those u see on leisure cruise…

lyon: right nx 2rail station, though we could not check in early, it’s still a good choice

brussels: opp rail stn, too bad no wifi. one of è better one too

london: è most cramp one, n they really charge everythg u can imagine…

paris: jewel, cheap, opp eurostar stn, reliable wifi, nice self serve bar w/water n drks, breakfast… love it…