never left ofc so late…

i really stay till dark.. growl.. but sm so happy è rpts looks ok..

junior moves a lot now days.. buzy baby..

2 of smh ivf mummies delivered this week, so happy 4them.. sure sweet sweet wkend 2come!

1 more week of knocks…

we survive 1 week @é budget hotel.. not that bad.. jus tat smtim é crowd is weird..

we paid rent till fri nite.. hopefully all will b ready by then..

junior is kickin a lot now.. i m doin pedi at a very small n crampy shop @bugis..

n on sat dr roland says junior is abt 2.1kg.. i guess by è day it arrives will be 3kg at least, may junior be healthy n grow up as a healthy baby!!

in é end i headed back our hm n waited 4him 2finish his packin @ofc… a clg came by n see é works n protectñ in place.. shall ask her over when all é works r done…

31w visit tml!

4wks passed.. hope junior doin well..

last night he talked 2junior aft he felt the elbow moves.. sweet…

i squeeze 8 rpt out today.. yawnzz

i m finally leavin ofc lik 6.15pm+ on a fri… meow~~ goin back 2mum’s place 4din n drop off more clothes..

hope é upgradin goes well tml..

let me ask é doc tml wat’s the chance of a healthy tak hm baby… n when..

smthg new @east coast… xmas is creepin close.. woo… hope this xmas is a happy one… can’t wait 4this yr 2end n welcome junior 2spend 2015 n beyond with us…

my good old drama…


sun i seek comfort in watchin my good old drama!

this week started hetic! very buzy n many thgs 2work on… n this wed i need 2tak half day coz of é works..


this morn while i m rushin my work, junior was lik swimmin i side my womb.. floatin his legs left right.. finally i finish é stuff, rush hm, waitin 4them 2come.. n i will wash é laundry later.. cooked è chicken n caixin from mummy with noodles.. yumzz…


jus as i was on mrt as usual this morn, i felt a strong kick from junior… hope u r doin well.. see u in 11 weeks!!

i really feel hungry easily now.. growl~~ last night (thurs) i had a bad bad dream.. i dreamt i was bleedin lik menses.. i called dr rol clinic n he ans è phn.. i told him wat happened n ask if i can go down.. he said they r runnin short of time n 2go tml.. then i told him i will go kkh.. i tried very hard 2feel junior kick but i think i felt nothin.. i went kkh, é nurses were sceptical if hb can b found.. n eventually a still born came out.. omg! freak me out…

anyway it’s a fri, buzy one.. n last class @mt a…

i still see posts from ivf/icsi thread… hope we all get our bundle of joy soon!