a day out..

actually jus half day.. n i spent a bomb! wow! facial 2times of dif new trtm.. brow 4tml.. hair cut n waxin! but good time n $ spent.. i feel so loved..

i was so busy doin é services tat i paid $ for tat i only had this sgd3 laksa at like 4pm!! i hope i dun regret é brow thg..


i really muz tak good care of myself.. 2 raise a confident junior..

raya round é corner.. last raya junior was still in é comfy sac…

march marched in

n junior is in infant care! woohoho!! heard he is ok so far.. i cam 2do my nails aft vaccumin, moppin n preparing 4dinner.. 1st day was ok for him. 3 calls askin about him aft i came back w/him.

he look really happy on è bouncer when i fetch him. i need 2start thinkin what to do aft i brg him back..

aft a very long n enduring process, we hav junior, cutie, loves 2smile n interact when he is happy… contented. like a wish come true..

hope dar dar draws strength n b positive!!


last day of aug’14

i had a last min slot 4facial! n yeah, i m done, now doin pedi.. while havin sandwich..


my dear therapist is goin back nex week 2her hometown 2delivery her 2nd bundle of joy! i think this is é last tim i m goin 4facial till delivery.. i can’t lie down for more than 1 hour…

i felt junior move a little bit while doin facial n my stomach crunchin.. this sandwich is good 2last me for quite a while.. till he comes n picks me up for h&m mat clothes shoppin again…

interesting dinner, taka basm expedition…

i can’t believe it, we cleared é front bedroom! most of the thgs r thrown or pack in2 cartons.. includin my stock..

now i can’t wait 4thurs… 2handyman will visit n quote how much 2dismantle n dispose these fixtures… n we decided 2tak all down! including all é bookshelves n weird long table.. wat a waste, but it really does not justify é use of space…

post all é packin n movin, we headed 2mac 4supper! lik old days, n we actually walked there.. indeed 想当年。。。