rainy mon early morn..

i wok up super late lik 7.30am this morn, bad habit..

i had a bad dream last nite, abt delivering baby n ended up emergency c sectñ with é wound at stomach!

n this morn, i saw a fellow ivf mtb lost her precious one @18w… è placenta, baby, waterbag juz fell out… n she bled a lot i think.. scary event.. hope she bfp n deliver a baby soon…

din last night was a happy one, he drove me 2find my bbq seafood… happy…


1 more week 2nex visit..

é financial planner i din c for a long tim cam by n gave sm advice for é coverage i have… i kinda hav no coverage 2protect him.. bad.. i plan 2tak up smthg.. n will decide soon.

it was breakfast @mkt, financial plannin, nap, fast food din @vivo, shoppin 4mat shorts.. n mil shop as usual..


symptoms wise, a lot of left buttocks pressure pain.. n lower back pain 2day.. i will ask doc nex week if it’s normal..

on wed or thur, i kinda felt smthg knockin in é lower stomach.. i wonder if it was only my imagination…

suddenly i feel less nausea, more ok 2tak dif food… but still tired all é time…

2nd opinion sat / wkend

had my dental, persuaded him 2mak nex aptm w/me, headed 2mount e med center n visited this 2nd opinion doc…

é wait was a bit, abt 40 mins, initially i jus wanted 2hear him for his opinion. but he explained our concerns so factually that i was swept off é feet…

he was impressed too, there was more chance 2digest n ask questions..

basically he dun see é bi-nucleauty as a problem, he mentioned it takes a lot for é fetal hearbeat to come on. for chromosome 15 defect, é preg survival rate is very low, so by now it would have miscarried. for chromosome 13 n 18, there r usually clear markers on scan, n survival rate for preg to full term n live birth is low too. however, chromosome 21 survival rate is high, n lifespan is long. so tat’s a risk. oscar can giv false positive (low risk). he said if we r worried abt é chromosome abnormality, go ahead n do amino testin. but know é risk. another option is to do harmony blood test, it’s 99%..

he sees é plancenta a bit low, it needs 2go up a bit soon. é placenta is big! junior is facin the back 2us today… we see é hands on é head. dr ordered a urine culture, coz he said sm infection may cause uterus contraction too…

aft é visit, we had a good long discussion @mos 2weigh é pro n con of kkh dr tan n this doc.. we r hangin on 2é believe that junior will arrive fine n hence we b switchin out of kkh. this doc package starts wk 16. n i realise i lost é oscar report.. opps.. need 2get copy from clinic..

he says this doc is not as gentle as dr thh with words… haha.. agree, too factual n direct.

i like é way he is so interested abt doc n junior discussion… n how he do small thgs like accomodate 2wat i wan 2eat n where 2 go.. sweet..

we went 2é tpy temple 2pray 2zsnn aft tat.. i prayed for junior 2b strong n grow up well n a smooth delivery. i really hope 2hav fil over for lunch more often in é future when junior is older.. sungei laksa 2satisfy cravin, happie!!

headache on sun, was sleepin most of é time..

a new buy on sun, i muz try 2drk é milk 4pregnant mum more often.. aft this i m goin 2buy é annum choc one. too nice n no need warm or hot water… i bought my 1st maternity pants, 2comfy!

it’s oscar day

finally it’s thurs!

this morn i said c u in half a day, n who else? he said junior! heeheess… i still hope for é best.. tough there is this underlyin fear b4 every scan…

let me quickly do wat i hav 2.. let this morn pass..

i never imagine this day will come, i cherish é memories so far n look 4ward 2more… 38 mins b4 i leave!!

oscar results was ok, n we enjoyed haidilao aft tat. nice…

sat – fri din

chillin w/his folks @é plc where it holds many memories for us…

aft a busy fathers day din.. saw him buzy tryin 2close é shop.. sweat..


i think i felt junior thumpin last nite, not sure if it’s me thinkin 2much…

hope junior is doin well.. see u on ultrasound nex thur 2pm!

a fri chill

i went by robinsons 2check on shoes.. sm good buys but it’s crowded. we went 2try a bento n had drks @shuffle.. cheers 2another week passin w/junior… look 4ward 2é aptm nex thurs. checked é calendar, nex thurs is a good day for chou shen. hope all goes well..