vomitin week…

i never had such bad vomitin.. not even with junior.. since the mrt bump i threw up almost everyday… for a week.. i saw dr steven on sat n he gave me delectin.. i helped… but made me tired too..

i finally mopped the floor…  i jus need 2get a new mop… make life easy… a mop with spray… we need 2keep the house cleaner…

dr steven also checked the blood flow..  looks ok.. so if the detail scan shows no notches we hav the option of stoppin asprin…


old frens

it was a memorable time workin there.. n we made good old frens.. n i had my miss food.. somehow it is not as good..

the weekend..

we went to see dr teo.. he is lik wat i rem him.. no pr, direct.. good judgement..

his bedside manners quite good.. he never did any scannin for me while @kkivf..

the wait was really nothing.. once we were done with registration we can see him..

conclusion he see a tiny cystic sac.. 3mm.. too small to b called anythg.. back two weeks to scan again.. he feel we should giv it time 2grow..

this is the 1st tim i dun hav 2wait 2see a gyne.. even for 1st aptm of the day..

a bit ex on surcharge.. still exlporin..

no matter wat it is at least another two weeks wait..

we cam out for walk.. i rem jus 3y ago, 2013 countdown to 2014, we were here 2see fireworks n that was a year of many battle n scars.. n it was when the chemical pregnancy episode jus wrap up…

we really wish what is ours will come, n we will hav another healthy baby in our arms…

i need to remind myself, even if a miscarriage is around the corner, there is nothing we can do..

seems like…

there may b hope… this is aft a few mins.. 

i woke up lik 4am n could not fall back to sleep.. i tested again n i saw this…

sent junior to new childcare.. after a blah blah n wah wah.. back hm.. he is still at childcare..

as my usual personality.. i tested again.. this is lik 1pm

i will see dr teo this sat.. lets see how..

when there is no ceiling, sky is the limit

keep going…

while the election is goin on in the far away land, onshore at hm, we.r takin a new tcm med.. its powder n easy 2swallow.. 

i m goin 2write to moh, they should look @the grant as a whole… total sum.. ultimately everyone wants the best chance!! n the little one is goin to pay income tax when he/she grows up!