almost proven..

è sharp drop in bbt this morn proved another round of disappointm… buzy day ahead.. mayb it’s good too, to help not focus…

i still feel sad…



dip n dip

my bbt dropped for 3days in a row… haizz… called é lab n sat is ok to send specimen for analysis… buzy day ahead…

it’s goin to be a buzy weeks ahead.. good 2forget è disappointm (“@”)


xmas eve 2012

my bbt dropped 0.11 deg this morn. it’s not a good sign. but nothing will change even if i worry… it’s 9dpo today… 5 more days to the truth, i really hope not for another round
of disappointment… but in anycase i m prepared for another round of menses…

5 new dresses over the last 4 days… according to him, it’s curtain num#1, to her it’s new dress num#1


cd25 gyne visit, juz b4 xmas

i tested w/hpt this morn.. it was negative.. i was kinda disappointed already… today is 7dpo, so
if a fertilised egg takes 6d to travel n implants, today is è day where implantation hav happened n hcg pdtn should have started…

@3pm, she showered, he changed n we set off 2see dr ng… it’s a visit 2tak hsg report, all is good…. wat a painful experience!

the clinic have nv been so quiet, there was no1 waiting when i was there… he was parkin still.. i quickly ask him 2come over…. otherwise he will still b lingerin @è tyre shop..

dr ng feels the ovary r nt so swollen like è previous time, n the 2big cyst she saw previously in right ovary is gone too…

dr ng thinks it’s too early to tell, hopefully my menses wun come n i will fall pregnant… i was also given the last dose of clomid.. once we r over 6cycles, no more clomid, n we will hav 2see nex step…

i have been to è paya lebar temple to pray to zhu sheng niang niang 2 times already… i even braved myself to walk in n out of è incense filled halls, n burn è joss papers in front of a very hot furnace… i really hope my prayers b answered..

i taken all è med i can, accupuncture started last sun cd19, tcm med for the whole week since last sun, 2x per day….

let’s hope i get pregnant this dec… santa, did u hear my wishes too?

post dr ng visit, we headed 2wisma,
nice din & coffee….