cd17, cycle 11, off cycle track

tcm @katong 112 this noon, dr kuai thinks this cycle menses will b è no ovulation type… quiet day @clinic..

nevertheless still hope it start so tat i can go marine parade 神医 4è fresh cycle。this is è last acc’p i hav w/her for a while…

难过日子还是要过, 念力想要的, 还是得重头捉摸

had fathers day din at è outdoor seat of poh k, damm hot n squeezy… è good thing is è shop closed early!

hate these cheesy gatherin n her drama mama over everythg, pui! 😲😵😲😵

we hang out @merrymen aft sendin è folks hm… we hardly get 2chill on a sat nite… man of steel aft tat.. i m yawnin a bit, but i hav 2say it’s a blockbuster, muz catch!




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