back at the high class hotel high tea.. the last time we were here, i was heavily preggie with junior.. lik a 20+ weeks big..

we jus went to dr steven teo this morn.. the baby looks fine.. 9w +5d.. he sees the umbilical cord from the top.. we will do panorama test nex visit.. if bb still there!

the thomson clinic scan is different.. oscar n 20w n 30w..

panorama test for trisomy 13, 18 n 21.. i ask him 13  n 18 pregnancy survival rate high n will there b markers on scan? he said not high but can survive till full term n markers may nt show up on ultrasound.. 

even if born baby unlikely to survive.. so save the angony for a surgery 4nothing.. tats the reason 4nipt.. the result will tell u if there is any n for the parents to decide to let it stop on its own or remove.. 

i also ask him if its present will the hb come on.. he say its possible hb will still come on n it will grow till full term..

for 21 down syndrome, the markers can b not present.. there is a spectrum n it can b the mild one.. n the lifespan is very long.. lik 50 to 60y..

n he mention how long baby stay inside depends on maturity.. but labour 4 second one may b faster.. 

he is indeed direct n blunt…

1 more day to scan

tml we r goin back to dr steven to do a follow up.. hopefully the hb is strong and all is good..

our neighbour lost his wife.. they look 40s, the uncle mus b heartbroken..life is really short.. we need 2cherish every moment..

we saw wat we wished

there’s yolk, fetal pole n heartbeat… 

dr steven point on genetic screening is oscar as a basic n panaroma.. panaroma check chromosome 13, 15, 21 n a promo 22, plus gender.  he said even if do panaroma also muz do oscar.. coz panaroma canot pick up non-genetic defects lik baby no head.. then i said, ya i know.. oscar scan can see if brain n stomach has water/big cavity… haha.. he is really direct n blunt!

nex visit is 3wk away.  he say linning doesn’t matter liao…

the weekend..

we went to see dr teo.. he is lik wat i rem him.. no pr, direct.. good judgement..

his bedside manners quite good.. he never did any scannin for me while @kkivf..

the wait was really nothing.. once we were done with registration we can see him..

conclusion he see a tiny cystic sac.. 3mm.. too small to b called anythg.. back two weeks to scan again.. he feel we should giv it time 2grow..

this is the 1st tim i dun hav 2wait 2see a gyne.. even for 1st aptm of the day..

a bit ex on surcharge.. still exlporin..

no matter wat it is at least another two weeks wait..

we cam out for walk.. i rem jus 3y ago, 2013 countdown to 2014, we were here 2see fireworks n that was a year of many battle n scars.. n it was when the chemical pregnancy episode jus wrap up…

we really wish what is ours will come, n we will hav another healthy baby in our arms…

i need to remind myself, even if a miscarriage is around the corner, there is nothing we can do..

seems like…

there may b hope… this is aft a few mins.. 

i woke up lik 4am n could not fall back to sleep.. i tested again n i saw this…

sent junior to new childcare.. after a blah blah n wah wah.. back hm.. he is still at childcare..

as my usual personality.. i tested again.. this is lik 1pm

i will see dr teo this sat.. lets see how..

is it real?

we will know.. for the moment i will do my usual thg of gettin 101 hpt…

the simple hpt line appeared many moments later, but i know its neg nthg will appear no matter how long.. the digital hpt expired oct 2016.

i showed dar dar when he finally wok up.. we will know soon…