the testing period

no point sittin down n be worried.. do smthg


my roots n my pillar

i think i know wat holds me grounded… my base n two buns. I wan to b a more knowledgeable person, n b a strong holder in my domain. wish me luck!

now mei mei is almost 1y, n I still hav my ML not all taken…


the channel 8 9pm drama is too much for me to watch.. it brgs back a lot of memories of my infertility struggle, the chem pregnancy, the tunnel where u dun see the light n no end…

I can only hug junior n meimei, n b glad its all over..

its not about what turns out, its who u become

test n tribulation r part of life.. mei mei tsh readin did not come down n we need to see an endocrinologist tml… hope its a transient case n it will normalise in the predefined way…

I bought the chicken essence from tw, it jus started sales in sg.. its very close to hm-made ones!

I m tryin to claim my hospitalization bill from the shield plan I bought many yrs ago.. the hospital submitted my diagnosis n it was not successful.. I m trying for reassessment, I ask dr teo for a memo and he sent in the same afternoon… lets wait for the final outcome. hope its positive!

we will become stronger person, fighting our way out…