the weekend..

we went to see dr teo.. he is lik wat i rem him.. no pr, direct.. good judgement..

his bedside manners quite good.. he never did any scannin for me while @kkivf..

the wait was really nothing.. once we were done with registration we can see him..

conclusion he see a tiny cystic sac.. 3mm.. too small to b called anythg.. back two weeks to scan again.. he feel we should giv it time 2grow..

this is the 1st tim i dun hav 2wait 2see a gyne.. even for 1st aptm of the day..

a bit ex on surcharge.. still exlporin..

no matter wat it is at least another two weeks wait..

we cam out for walk.. i rem jus 3y ago, 2013 countdown to 2014, we were here 2see fireworks n that was a year of many battle n scars.. n it was when the chemical pregnancy episode jus wrap up…

we really wish what is ours will come, n we will hav another healthy baby in our arms…

i need to remind myself, even if a miscarriage is around the corner, there is nothing we can do..

xmas seepin in…

its xmas again.. last yr this tim we felt dif.. full of anxiety.. n buzy with home tidying… this yr we r busy makin junior drk water n clear his poopoo… smtimes i really feel lik havin a second baby.. tat will b lots of fun!

i miss the one in tw.. hope they r well.

we learn…

we learn dif thgs as we go along…

how 2feed 2mak more yummy puree.. what else to add etc…

went 2a fellow ttc-er bb shower at a nice restaurant.. so happy for her n glad we r where we are now.. after a rocky dark road paved by blood tears n sweat…

there are few of them still carvin their way, hope they will hit their lucky cycle soon, really soon!!

i see him

i see him drk milk while latching
i see him smile when we rock him side to side
i see him chuckle when he sees è teachers at school
i see him sleepin lik an angel nex to me

w/o my watsapp kakis n dr thh, i doubt i will see him..

i feel so so blessed 2be able 2hold him in our arms.. we have so much love for him…

march marched in

n junior is in infant care! woohoho!! heard he is ok so far.. i cam 2do my nails aft vaccumin, moppin n preparing 4dinner.. 1st day was ok for him. 3 calls askin about him aft i came back w/him.

he look really happy on è bouncer when i fetch him. i need 2start thinkin what to do aft i brg him back..

aft a very long n enduring process, we hav junior, cutie, loves 2smile n interact when he is happy… contented. like a wish come true..

hope dar dar draws strength n b positive!!


almost 2mths…

i return 2dr rol clinic for review.. wound is fine, external piles recovered.. bleedin from bowel is from è hard bowel.. 2improve with pro biotics… an exp one..

i spoke 2him abt è ivf n he kinda felt è more one look in2 infertility issues, è more unexplained it becomes… kinda agree, totally…

long road ahead 2brg up junior, wonder if we ever hav a 2nd one… bring pregnant is magic! n lik a long wanted wish came true! mayb cause it’s a hard earned one… tourin novena square brgs back memories!