sitting here brings back a lot of memories… abt the path back then n how we here… junior poke poke..

it’s not implantation bleeding…

so sad.. menses started like on d28! n i postpone my fresh ivf a mth later…

but the flowers will still bloom n sun will still continue to set n rise… nothing changes…

actually i think there was implantation.. but somehow it din turn out to be a viable one… i postpone fresh long for a week.. not ready.. n bad timin i think..


our helicopter

In life there is a moment to wait and see what happens, but there is also a moment to get active. Walk out and search for your own helicopter, otherwise you will succumb


i hav brown n light red spotting since sun.. it’s d23.. will it brg me a bfp?? i really hope so!! we will know by end of the week… in the meanwhile.. rest!!