the virus tat goes round n round

we r at survival mode.. both junior n hay berries class cancelled, junior phonics class cancelled, i hav to teach on my own..

i did an endodontics micro surgery on 19 Mar, removed the stitches aft 2weeks.

i m much better n i hope the infection do not come back.

it’s really quiet outside, we have a lot of rescue to do after the virus is over

at this hawker, this stall, it reminded me of the time where I scrambled to find pineapple Tarts… tat was lik the most silly moment in my life!

5y passed

since junior was born.. i went back to bugis today, n had coffee on 3rd floor..

different feel, more contented now

rough times at work, but i m happier..

busy day outing with the kids n we r going to bid farewell to this cc soon..

sometime ago, our client asked us to ensure nothing will go wrong. and it reminded me of myself asking thh, how can I ensure junior will arrive safely.. he said anyone in this room may be gone by dec.. its not within anyone’s control.. at then, i suddenly realised what thh meant…


the last time we stayca at peh, mei mei was a fetus, 5m plus.. now we are back.. junior had vomiting on n off for a almost a week…

he looks ok now, hope 2nites n we go home!

it’s still true, i really hope nothing happens because of our indecisiveness…. although I m not totally sure if he needs to be warded, but his vomiting really scare me…


the channel 8 9pm drama is too much for me to watch.. it brgs back a lot of memories of my infertility struggle, the chem pregnancy, the tunnel where u dun see the light n no end…

I can only hug junior n meimei, n b glad its all over..