cd 15, cycle 16, jabbin continues…

this morn review is not very good, dosage up to 250. n realised i hav under jab by 100 iu in é 1st 6days… will need 2go back on mon 4review, so scary, wonder wat will happen.. till tml (sun), i hav been jabbin for 14 days.. 1x900iu + 3x300iu bottles of puregon… é bottle 4used syringes is full, i need 2start a new bottle tml!! i got headache almost immed aft è 250iu shot, is it all in é mind, 心里做用吗?

linnin: 7.7mm
right: 12.5, 12.5, 10, 9, 8.5, 8.5, 8, 8, 8, 7.5
left: 13, 11, 10, 9.5, 9, 9, 8.5, 8.5, 8.5

on mon 4review. i wonder wat happens.. i m so scared no embryo to trf…

had lunch @pekio, tried a fried hokkien mee, it was quite yummy… he said é stall owners r humble despite é goood biz… mr accompany me 2kk today… poor him.. sleep few hrs only..

we rest @hm aft kk, while i pack my goods 2be ship tml, he laze around too.. so happy, sold my 1st bundle!! smthg 2cheer me up amongst é very thick layer of gloomy clouds…

din @vivo central restaurant.. one of é few with not much queue… happy food 4us!!




we also did some shoppin n bought sm clothes as gifts for é little ones.. shoppin 4bb boys r so limited…

i see one fb fren whom i knew from sg brides back in 2011 complainin how tired she is 2b a mom… i feel lik slappin her.. if she is free n energetic enough 2mak bitstrip comic n post on fb, dun think any reason she should b complaining.. mayb she should try jabbin herself @stomach daily… no brains…

when we cam back, i sneak in2 é rm n off power of é laptop… n check é laptop again b4 i off it.. è bundle offer is qty 2, i will pack again n send it 4reg mail postin tml b4 4pm… happy order!

cd 13-14, cycle 16, life goes on!

thurs visit is quick too. it was my turn for é scannin rm right aft i got é num… there is lik 9.5mm follicle on each side but lik not big enough n still quite little… the doc consultñ skip my num#, i was so scared tat it may mean smthg wrong… anyway i think they went 2ask thh n i m 2continue puregon…

linnin 6mm
right: 9.5, 8.5, 8.5, 7.5, 7, 7, 6.5, 6, 6, 6
left: 9.5, 8.5, 8.5, 7.5, 7, 7,7, 6.5, 6, 6

visited an old fren @thomson on thurs nite, so happy she deliver her 3rd bundle of joy in a few hours! a very alert bb, lookin n explorin already!

he bought this kueh lapis from upper serangoon.. quite home made taste..


on fri he suddenly said he is goin 2a clg farewell, i m really sad. it’s a very bitter week of jabbin, bruises all over n bleedin almost with every jab. n a very tiring job ad browsin week… all i wanted is to hav a good din n chill around in a fri… got yy 2hav din @cityhall n i went 2taka aft tat 2check out any like b4 é sale nx week.. nothin much except 4xmas gift 4bestie… so sick of these disappointin doc visit… hope there b sm good news tml..

cd 12, cycle 16, buzy job hunting…

omg, i spent é whole day job hunting.. steppin out now at 4.40pm 2mak it for é zumba class at 5.30pm…

this is tiring.. yawnz..

i continue é easier way 2inject é garinlex, yeah! but it’s still painful aft é shot… tml please show sm good readings!!

zumba class is nice, it is read as zoom-ba… very light hearted, all ladies, a very cheerful n motivating instructor, 1 hr flew by juz lik tat…

cooked din w/caixin, enoki mushrm, spring onion, corrainder, fish n clams. buzy pot, hope i kept é calories low. red bean water too, hopin 2improve readin tml…

cd11, street funk again…

actually i m contented 2b able 2jab… coz if thurs result still not good, i may not be able 2jab anymore… sobz.. i found a way 2poke garlinex, kinda aim n loke then 2aim from far n poke! sm more bruises, boohoohoo…

went 2street funk class again 2day, still very little people, lik i was è 1st one… n è 2aunties from last week joined later. a very light class with me doin é moves lik dumbo… i went 2é treadmill n walk, took 33 mins 2burn 250 calaroies. burnin painful… eatin is easy (“,)

cam back cook brunch with clams n chicken, tang hoon n enoki mushroom… fill up é pot, can’t even stir properly… but it’s yummy! was too hungry n it look so messy, din even tak pic.

poor him work till 7pm plus, din @mum’s place.. brought quite sm tau sa piah n beh de soh hm. on way back i wanted 2go sheng siong, we stop by é durian shop n bought a box of cherries, n 2 box of durians!

400g cherries sgd8
2 box of durian sgd10


yumzz.. é durian is not é best but not quite good 4 this price.

tml he is not ard 4din, i book é evening zumba class, 5.30pm to 6.30pm. mayb will go shoppin a bit aft class…

cd 10, return for 1st follow up!!

it’s 10.40am n i m lazily makin my way 2kk… since even when i go @10am, è q is lik 1 hr, n é waitin strech till é nurses lunch time,  i might as well b é last one…

was tellin my watsapp fren i gav up on horoscope n gender wishin.. as kong we hav our cutie pie in our arms asap we r contented…

nx mrt stop is bugis, i wonder hows è results.. kan cheong… read more.blogs last nite, some from a long tim ago… hope our luck is good this time..

this morn, é garlinex shot was bad, i prick myself n it was bleedin even as i push è syringe 2inject é cocktail…

é visit 2day is short but bitter, done in 1hr, includin med collectñ @pharmacy. linnin lik 4.7, right follicles about 5-6 siz 4-6mm, left one 10mm, é rest like 5-6mm too… dosage up to 200iu, n garlinex continues… let me think of a easier way 2jab…

made tiramisu to finish é tub of mascraprone cheese. yeah, did it but é tirmisu dun taste that great… tml is another day of jabbin.. ouch.. till thurs we wun know wat happens..

cd 8&9, cycle 16, bruises bruises

sat morn is for kk hospital visit, 2sign é medisave paper for him… signin is 2min, waitin is 20mins… aft signing, we headed 2pek kio mkt 2try é prawn noodles, nöt bad but definately wun q for it again…  same 4é fried carrot cake, nice but nt worth a 30min q… but grocery shoppin @tat mkt is interesting… very clean. but i realised they hav less variety on greens, more on seafood n fishes, and many different type of fruits too. bought sm china cai xin-small size ones, chilli padi, corrainder n spring onion,for sgd 2. century eggs, sgd2 for 4 eggs.

restin @hm in noon, shopped @taobao, he fixed è masterbedrm door. din @outram ba ku teh, vivo toy shoppin, din get anythg… he said he regain sm lost weight n is upset n din wan 2eat, so we order 1 mee sua 2share.. he say not pratical 2buy pressie… but i sm so determined 2buy é spiral car or penguine toys!! let me try 2find it! bought more cherries from vivo giant, sgd 10.90 for 500g!



at night, it’s confirmed é precious little bdae celebration b on 14dec!! we b @KL… he actually told his mum in é car how tired it is to attend his bro events, lik weddin @botanic gardens, weddin, é precious one 1st mth @chalet… i was so happy he stood up to say how tired it is for é people around his bro to help run é one aft another poorly planned events…

this sun morn jab is easier, not like yest where i fumbled with é puregon pen n wondered if i injected é right dose. nvm, hope tml scan shows good results! nervous mon! n i see 2 bruises, ouch. gettin harder 2inject each day… i feel more obvious pain on sides of ovaries, esp right… hope it’s for good results.

cooked noodles, added half packet of instant noodles, regular caixin, 3/4 of a pkt of enoki mushsroom, spring onion n an egg! it’s quite yummy, let me try addin more veg, mushroom 2bumb up fibre, tak less carbohydrates. i can’t do vigrous exercise for now, or @least till mon when i go for scans… i kinda loss 1kg totally, but let me try 2continue 2work on it…

aft lazing on é sofa for lik 3hrs since 4.50pm, she ask if he wan 2eat anythg… she can order mac 2try é ebi burger or cook noodles… he opted 2driv 2mac 4mac, n we actually managed 2order è ebi burger!! it doesn’t taste tat fantastic, but good try still…

cd 7, buzy finding ways back 2reality

job hunting is not easy, but hang on there.. no choice.. but i think will b good 2gear up myself in areas lackin also. try all i van. c how it goes.. é stat board is still my most desired post.

met up w/gfs this fri nite, tried é very famous lady M, their crepe mille, i think it’s worth it’s reputation n price.


mummy j wish me lucks for our current ivf treatm! thanks n hope all goes well n we hav a successful pregancy! i also pray very hard 2hav a healthy baby from this nov 2013 ivf! till mon we wun know wat may possibly happen. i feel sm pain from right ovaries, pain with pressure. n sm pain from é jabs on é flabby bits of tummy.. i guess bruises to form soon.

cd 6, cycle 16, double jabbin begins

é garnelix shot is much more painful than è usual puregon, but i survived anyway… 4 more 2go, or till nx visit. i think é scary part is é pokin in2 skin…

prepared é ingredients 4tonight cookin, kinda also clearin out é fridge 2avoid massive throwin soon.


prep 2step out 2zsnn, i was actually trfin buses instead of takin cab, it’s not tat difficult aft all. but there was quite a bit of walkin.. i tried 2slot my bus card in2 jelly case 4my note3, it works as well. i think smtimes there r very easy solutions 2seemingly complex problems.


went facial aft zsnn n bought a set of scar lightening products 2lighten my troubled breakout skin… they r havin this promo w/2 pdt free… it’s a quiet day @é salon. the below cost sgd279, 1 more free mug 2b collected…


din prep was quite easy, mayb coz i already cut up é ingredients n prep other required in é morng… egg toufu steamin is good, with dried shitake mushroom, simple yet tasty… oh yah, i finished é taiwanese rice left over from cny… time flies.. it’s a yr, xmas deco r on è wall…

cd 5 cycle 16, 3rd day of puregon jabbin

i got more tired aft gym on tues, sleepin on é sofa for like 1 hr late noon while laundryin is goin on in kitchen.

wed was a nightmare. i could hardly get out of bed even at 10am. i was 30mins late from my planned jab time. i staggered out of bedrm, was hardly able 2stand up straight n rest on sofa 4another 10 mins… mayb begining of a nightmare.

finally made my way 2é fridge n jab another dose of 150iu puregon. é rest of é day was still feelin tired, lethagic n restless. tml onwards i will hav 1 more injection for 5days (thur-mon). hope i dun feel worse aft this additional drug.


but i did not let myself roll on sofa or bed longer. made lunch, noodles, cai xin n frozen seafood.. aft lunch i vaccum é house, mop n clean up our home a bit. it’s been a while n thgs r gettin dusty…

bath, used é long bought body scrub, fancl powder scrub sample… as part of my effort 2clear these long time purchase…
tidied è working desk n moved my laptop in2 é platform rm, fixed é fallin out stuff in é rm. it’s been too long, no more slacking. all thgs in place, on pc, printed é KL trip air tickets, checked details again, clipped on our little white board. together w/my medan trip, they are all in one stack. am applying 4jobs, hopefully will get smthg i will enjoy doing! smtimes i think back do i regret leavin my seemingly pretigous position in é bank n laze @hm 无所事是 all day… actually i really dun, i would hav gone crazy if i stayed on. now i look 4ward 2a new role, either something i like or something less with responsibility.

this is my wish n plan, god bless, please let it come true. but as always life throws us all over è place, so nx yr this tim, xmas, let’s see how n wat we will be!

18-29 nov – stimulating med
2 dec – er
4 dec – et
7-8 dec – medan
11 dec – dental aptm
13-15 dec – KL
16 dec – start work (watever work)
21 dec – blood test, bfp (hopefully)
early sep 2014 – edd healthy bb (hopefully hopefully please!!)

like i always say my wishes to zsnn, please bless us with a healthy baby, we will 还願 with red eggs, share è blessings with more 信徒 n 添香油.

i really tried my best, keep my weight not over 60kg, exercise as n when i can. rest, drk vit c, cherries.

please let this nov 2013 cycle b a success with a good pregnacy n healthy baby, i m not afraid of é loneiness @hm alone, giddy/headache, pain of injection or any discomfort to come with er, but i m very frighten of failure.. afraid 4af to start.. sobzz… i imagine while waitin 2go 4er, if i meet sm1 @é operatin theatre while queuing, i will smile n tell é person how scared i m of failure…


é return 2kkivf! cd3 18nov

i rem é route of é bus tat i took, n 4got 2alight @é stop opp kk, in è end i walk a bus stop distance back 2kk.

got é q# @10.56am, n am still waitin aft an hour… there was 20 people b4 me! let’s see how’s é scan n doc revirw.



managed 2see é sonographer, scan looks ok 2start protocol. so 150iu of puregon, till nex mon, plus 1 dose of 0.25mg orgalutan for 5days from thurs onwards. he needs to tak antobiotic too, i din know tat b4 hand… opps…

took è injection n head hm. tried é bencoleen street fish soup finally. not bad, but raffles place one is much more addictive. bought kaya balls as snacks n much them as i took bus hm. by é tim i reach hm n kept all med in fridge, it was 4pm. i had 2tak a nap n finally made myself wak up @6pm, 2prep n step out to meet kakis 4din…

hx is delivering 2nd princess in mid dec, so happy 4her!! very good gathering, nice catchin up.. glad yy is w/sm1 tat loves her n hx dotin hubz waited 4her @é mall 4a while… i told hx abt me not wkin as i m doin ivf… she ask a bit more here n there 2know more… i told her é general process n how tired i m aft è 1st jab already.