the cord

lik junior, thank u precious cord for supplying essentials to mei mei during the 30++ weeks while she is in my womb.. she is now happy, latchin n drkin from bottle… she still need a few more test, but overall she is shinning…

it seems lik few days ago tat I got a positive from the hpt.. it was end of nov, jus b4 junior switch to the new sch… we saw the sac, the fetal pole, the hb, the proluton, panorama test, the oscar scan, spotted notches, started aspirin, bad nauseous, diclectin, the detail scan, the growth scan, the reflux, protein in urine, brg forward delivery, steroid jab desa, heart palpitations, bring forward delivery to, 35w 6d… hb drop n mei mei arrived… cord around neck


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