35wks n the protein scare

I move my appointm early coz I had a lot of stomach acid n reflux.. so in the end the routine check show there are traces of protein in urine.. I did a blood test n 24h urine test to check on the levels… I took 2dys off from work but went back fri noon..

will see doc tml to review the results.. hope all is well… very tiring.. n we hav a very cranky junior in the house…

dr teo opinion is that if labour starts now we will brg the baby out, at most nicu 1-2 days, baby can drk milk we can brg the baby home.. 

I hav a body bones loosening feelin since sat.. I hope it goes away… very soon… I really wish to hang on till 37wks…

we went bck on mon.. the 24hr urine test shows protein in urine n the readin is quite high at 285… he feels it will not go away n may get seizure anytime.. its preeclampsia n I m suppose to see him wed to strech the cervix n brg bb out… we take 2steroid jab.. 12hrs apart.. 1st jab at the clinic 10am n I took a cab to tmc 24h clinic for 2nd jab at 10pm.. in the end I could not sleep on mon night n felt baby move less… much lesser..  the usual kicks gone..
on tues morn I went back to ofc for a handover discussion n called the clinic to ask for a walk in aptm.. he had a surgery at 10.30am.. so we did ctg check first.. baby is ok n i m havin contraction.. he ask if we r ready to bring bb out tonight.. I say jus brg out.. I dun wan another sleepless night…

he feels the baby weight is good n I had one big baby b4.. we can try natural n see how it progress.. if it dun progress we will do ecsect n we will know a csect is really needed..  

so on tues night, we had dinner at mum hse, waited for sis to come, went hm bath junior n pack his cc bag… at 10pm-ish we drove out, deposit his cheque n came to the prata place to eat dinner… ard 11.45 we went to delivery ward n started the waitin…


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