mummy’s break

junior is warded since thurs nite.. 1st nite i bunked on a bed with him.. 2nd nite we got a cot.. i hope no 3rd nite… we r so tired…

both of them are snoring in the ward n i m taking a break.. from a pounding headache too..

23Mar night

it started with him not eatin aft cc on wed at mum’s place.. n vomitin a bit at cc n mum’s place n starting to be a bit feverish…
since he had a fall @cc on wed n a small bump on the forehead, i was worried if it may b due to the fall…

we went hm n feed a bit of milk..  went peh 24h clinic since its covered with co-pay of $5 under the outpatient insurance…

the doc @24h thinks its a stomach problem as there is a lot of gas in his stomach.. he gave sm med n said tak x-ray 2b safe…

aft the xray, where his daddy wrestle to keep him still, we walk around n he vomitted again…  all over the cprridor outside peh guardian..we spoke to the doc again when reviewing the xray.. no fracture or swellin inside… i told him abt the vomit n he thinks let junior admit… let the pd decide wat med to giv.. dr cheng is not on call, so dr pradeep will see him…

we waited outside to see status of gettin a ward.. he contemplated if we should jus brg him hm.. i said the aia gold max essential A should cover as long as warded more than 6hr.. while waitin junior doze off.. he sms the agent n he said junior is under the shield plan for up to standard 1 bedder plan.. get hospital to e-file.. n yes min. 6hrs…

the nurse cam back n say no bed in pediatric ward n no cot for the nite.. they can giv a 2bedder, adult mus stay with child at all times… the pd will arrive within 2hrs aft we confirm we want the ward.

at the cashier, we got the insurance letter of guarantee from the cashier, and sign the medisave deduction form… 

while waiting for the cashier to process we saw dr pradeep.. i was surprised… i told him wat happened n he said he will see us at the ward.. i said i thought the wait for him to be here is 2hrs.. he shake his head n laugh..

we took the 2bedder n went 2the ward, with daddy carrying junior n sittin on a wheelchair..its on level 4, jus outside of the pediatric ward..

he woke n struggle.. change him 1st.. we waited for dr to come n doc say giv him sm med.. if the vomiting is from the fall x-ray wun show n it will b serious… junior was playing a bit by then.. he thinks if he is good we can go hm nex day…

we took milk powder from the nurse n 2 disposable bottle.. gave 90ml of milk n he went to bed aft the med.. at night, he vomitted ard 2am+.. the nurse clean up, i gav him a dry wipe n change to the hospital robe..

24 Mar 2017, fri

he slept.. in my arms.. vomitted 6am n 7am.. daddy cam ard 7am+ n brought clothes, diapers n isomil.. nurse gav med n doc cam 9am.. decided to giv him a jab.. if he is still nt better he will hav to be on drip.. we doze off n the nurse told us the jab is ready at 10am.. the nurses help to hold down junior to giv him the jab.. he had bread aft the jab.. crawl to bed to sleep.. luckily there is no1 at the other bed..

junior wok up to poo poo jus b4 mum arrived.. after diaper change he crawl back to bed n doze off..

my mum cam with food n pat junior to bed.. i ask the nurse if junior is staying for another night n will there b a cot bed? the nurse say for sure 1 more night, there may b a single cot rm for us..  jus b4 mum arrive i got confirmation there is a single cot room for tonight.. n it comes with 5meals for 1parent.. so i got double serving of lunch.. 

mum stayed for a while i bath n dash to pharmacy 2buy panty liner..

She left n he woke.. we moved to the single cot room.. i ordered more bread as junior din wan porridge.. we really got more bread but he din wan too.. he doze off n his daddy cam from work…

junior din really wan 2eat anythg.. we  gave milk.. he puke put jus b4 10pm.. n puke again in the morn.. 

25 Mar 2017

the doc thinks his vomit is from cough.. if he can eat n is alert aft breakfast.. we can go hm today.. junior went back 2sleep.. i went to delifrance to take a break.. had potato with tuna.. the 2 of them were snoring in ward.. i return to ward n my turn to nap.. lunch cam but dar dar din start first..

he wok after noon.. had chicken porridge.. had cheese cake..

doc cam n thinks we can go hm.. dar dar bath him n i quickly packed.. we collected the med n went 2cashier.. finally hm.. my turn to use the bath rm n lie down straight for a while..

we r finally hm n the bill is $2k+.. hope we can claim in full…

i had a busy day in ofc, but i drop everythg 2stay with him. despite being 5m preggie, i tried my best 2nurse n comfort him… i jus dun wan 2leave any regrets.. we went through a lot to have him in our arms.. i really hope nothing happens because of our indecisiveness….

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