our 16w walk in visit…

on thurs i bang against the side of the mrt door.. my hip knock a bit.. i din feel anythg at then.. throughout the day i feel a bit tightness but it intensified a lot at nite.. in the end i walk in 2see dr steven on fri morn…

we sent junior to cc as usual.. then to wikie edge 4hanis breakfast.. i called the clinic ard 8.20am n the recep say come b4 9.30am..

we reach by 9am n saw dr steven.. he dun see any problem from the scan.. water looks ok.. no leakage n mei mei looks ok, not like in distress.. he tried a 4d scan.. he see the face n body n cord..

we took the antenatal package for 16wk onwards.. walk in visits can b counted towards the package…

we think he is very frank n direct n his clinic is very quiet… hahah!! n they r very direct, no acting busy at all…

on sat i had a very bad headache.. n i threw up the mac brkfast… in the evening we went ntuc kallang wave 2get isomil 4my LS baby.. had a grande latte with extra shot…

finally better now at 12am… wrote name on diapers.. kept the laundry from fri nite…


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