back at the high class hotel high tea.. the last time we were here, i was heavily preggie with junior.. lik a 20+ weeks big..

we jus went to dr steven teo this morn.. the baby looks fine.. 9w +5d.. he sees the umbilical cord from the top.. we will do panorama test nex visit.. if bb still there!

the thomson clinic scan is different.. oscar n 20w n 30w..

panorama test for trisomy 13, 18 n 21.. i ask him 13  n 18 pregnancy survival rate high n will there b markers on scan? he said not high but can survive till full term n markers may nt show up on ultrasound.. 

even if born baby unlikely to survive.. so save the angony for a surgery 4nothing.. tats the reason 4nipt.. the result will tell u if there is any n for the parents to decide to let it stop on its own or remove.. 

i also ask him if its present will the hb come on.. he say its possible hb will still come on n it will grow till full term..

for 21 down syndrome, the markers can b not present.. there is a spectrum n it can b the mild one.. n the lifespan is very long.. lik 50 to 60y..

n he mention how long baby stay inside depends on maturity.. but labour 4 second one may b faster.. 

he is indeed direct n blunt…


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