this is the 3rd fresh…

21 eggs

20 usable

14 fertilised

12 multi-nuclear embryo, not usable by kk ivf lab standards. chance of correction low & even if it leads to pregnancy, it will miscarry.

1 grade 3 d2 embryo trf

1 bi-nuclear embryo under observation trf, as per thh instructions

thh exact words is history repeat itself, many eggs but only 1 or 2 embryos

this cycle is a test of my endurance.. i jab until bruises red itch all over…a sticky junior charging at me like a bull, knocking his head all over me, n cling on me like a koala n smellin my clothes.. in addition of switchin to his new school..

i think i tried my best, at my age n his age, i dun think the next cycle will be any better.. but at least i tried hard.. 2weeks later i m goin 2try 2bend their rules n go 4bt early… n also help myself to move on on a new week…

we will see..

experience from this 3rd round of fresh…

er day-not much pain or cramp aft er, 21eggs.. jus a bit sore n need 2walk slowly.. mayb coz i had a pregnancy b4.. hence body streched 2tolerate the er

little dark red clots n spotting

1d post er-bloat…


2d post er-bloat n shock by the # of normal embryos

a little spotting

1x crinone gel at noon, aft childcare coz i rush hm immed aft et..n i doze off b4 2nd crinone gel

3d post er-not so bloat liao…

almost no spotting, 3x crinone gel

i shall keep to 2x crinone gel per day till the sat, for now…


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