happy 2hear from friends!!

i read a blog of a dear fren.. she is my inspiration n a very impt grp tat made me realise if i dun try hard enough now, i may really regret big tim when i realise how dark n windin the road ahead is… i never wanted 2use any injectable med.. but aft many round of clomid n intimate sharin w/this grp.. i realise ttc can b very very challenging..

now she got 2healthy babies, i guess she will get busy very soon!! really buzy!!

and the needles descend…

yes, back here.. poke poke.. more poke poke..

i guess i m expectin 28d of poke poke..

n aft 14 d mayb up to 4needles.. 1 lucirin, menopour, saizen, supress ovulation..

lets jus try our best…


the 1st needle is always the most scary… i really took a lot of courage 2poke… n.now is the part 2 rem to do it everyday…