many more things 2learn…

we visited dr tan! so happy!! could say hi to him, thank him n è team n show him our almighty junior! too bad junior poo n dr tan din carry him… he use 1 hand 2scan n 1 hand 2do et, n we hav junior here now.. wat else can we say.. we will cherish…

we went 4a baby massage class n learnt junior hav a lot of gas in his bloated tummy.. i m goin 2try ridwind, burp n massage for him this 1week.. hope he get better n more managable….

since i laid off è burdens @work, if junior gets better, i will b much happier for the rest of é maternity leave!

junior is not takin his nap.. so i pop him in2 carrier n bounce all é way 2post ofc n library… @least time pass faster…

let’s try 2start readin…

end of this week is meetin old kaki n baby fair shopping! hope junior behaves…

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