junior @6wks

smtimes he is a sweet boy.. lik he will lie on my chest 2be burp n fall asleep.. smtimes he is notorious! cryin all night!! cannot b coaxed…

but no matter wat he is our hard earned precious baby… i guess i will be è educator.. i never really tried 2play with him. i always think of ways 2educate him. be it left right or open close.. while dar dar is always lookin of ways 2develop his loco-motive n make him laugh…

smtimes i will brg junior 2 mum’s place to tak a breather… n i will let her take care 4a while i do sm beauty treats..

i saw sm1 in è forum abt god’s will to hav a baby. i still feel smtimes god may wish u will do smthg to help urself so that god can help u help urself!

my review with dr rol comin soon, i shall swing by kkivf 2send dr tan n è team è thank u card..


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