é arrival of junior…

b4 i forget everythg.. here’s how junior arrived!

4 dec 1pm – i finished my bi-weekly thingy n it was rainin badly.. i wanted 2quickly do up è usual thg n din head for lunch… at è same time i was feelin 酸 at lower back n a numbness feelin that spread from back 2front down é thighs… i called è clinic n ask since no pain or bleedin, when should i go see dr rol… é nurse ask é doc n told me 2mak a trip 2è clinic later in é noon 2see as é last patient..

4 dec 4pm – dar dar went hm 2tak è bag n fetch me 2see dr rol… actually i told him i can go alone.. but he said he wanted 2come with me.. so i took è bag of stuff i wanted 2clear from ofc n hop on 2his car.. è wait 2see doc is long, i walk 2novena sq n bought food.. jus 2 mouthful n è nurse called 2say my turn next.. so i walked back n saw dr rol.. told him é sensations n he said it seems lik contractñs started.. he said he will do a check.. it will be uncomfortable.. indeed it is n he said dialiate 3-4 cm liao.. he touch my stomach n said baby is big! no need 2scan liao!

he will send me 2delivery ward, n see me there 2night and check how i m progressing… he wrote a admission form, pink one.. with instructions i guessed.. é nurse passed it 2me at the counter later.. i asked when is é latest baby will arrive, i m not prepared.. dr was lik where r u comin from.. he dun like to prolong labour.. i jus wanted 2b prepared.. he said latest tml.. wun tak few days.. we went out dazed..

4 dec 6pm – at mt a deliver ward.. é nurse asked y m i here.. i told them gyne said i dialiate 3-4 cm, so have 2 come.. but i m not in pain.. she ask if i need a wheelchair n wrote dr rol name nex 2a rm… i walk 2é rm while dar dar was busy fillin up forms.. i changed 2é classic blue gown n waited n waited..

he finished é paperwork n came 2è rm for me… i told him é thgs 2pick up from hm n send him back 2pack… i asked è nurse for dinner n they said need 2check with gyne.. i told them my gyne indicated i can eat in é pink form… n a while later dinner served!! i was on ctg on n off..

dar dar cam back.. settled down.. waited.. ctg off..

4 dec 11pm – dr rol came jus b4 11pm.. in short sleeve shirt.. checked abt 4-5 cm n broke water bag.. it was painful! he said è contractions will come on stronger now.. there will b med 2help è cervix open up faster..

he ask if i wanted epi, i said yes, now! then he say é nurse will contact him on my progress… n é phn rang when he broke é waterbag.. he said è phn always hav 2ring at this time… so funny!! actually at then it was really not painful.. jus numb n aching lower back… i ask him if baby will arrive 2day, he said left 1hr only not possible…

dr mary came n started è epi.. it was less painful than é cervix check..

the night went by.. not comfy 2sleep.. many needles n é bed is kinda hot…

5 dec 5am – é nurse checked dialiatñ at 6-7cm.

5 dec 6am – 9-10 cm n baby head still abit high, nurse need 2ask dr rol if i should start pushin… a short while later.. they started 2prepare all é eqm.. n a nurse sat down n ask me 2start pushin @nex contractñ.. i did n rested.. é setting is much more colder than i expected.. dr rol came in n i pushed many more rounds… in btwn he mention baby @é soft bones cartilage, coz it hve not been streched b4, so strech.. pushed again for last few rounds, è nurse push my stomach from é side inwards, downwards…

bb head out!! n i puff push é body out… é baby us slimely.. on my chest.. dr was busy with other thgs lik collectin cord blood, delivering placenta, clearing è blood clots…

he said my epistomy cut will tak a while 2heal n i feel he is happy 4us… é baby din cry immed.. scary.. took a while…

while restin i told him this is our sgd30k investment… lookin @é bun under é warmer…

5 dec 9am plus – i transfered 2a narrower bed n was wheeled to a waiting ward… it was really uncomfy n painful. wrist sore from preg, è other hand hurt by è drip needles… bum sore from è epi n piles… é nurse brought junior from nursery 2breastfeed… 1st try.. omg! she said she bath junior already n changed water twice…

babies dun cry when they r born n my dr din juz come in 4 three push n leave.

ART does brings hope, together with scars & burden. i will share w/people i know trying hard that keep goin… u may not successfully conceive, but u will hav no regrets…

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