we went doc earlier this week.. good also, in a way.. this wkend we will b quite free..

saw smh many mummies deliverin, sm aft a long labour.. i guess if we can survive é stimulatñ, 2ww, nasty heartbreakin moments of BFN.. nothing is 2much as long as a healthy cutie pie is in our arms…

é doc say if i dun feel well anytim now, call them n walk in clinic 2check, or go straight 2delivery ward@mt A 2check.. they wun stop è labour, baby is abt 35wks n 2.9kg.. no reason 2stop it from arriving.. we r so not ready.. è room is in a mess, last set of curtains still washin.. all junior clothes are still not washed n packed… omg.. let me finish packin é thgs lying outside 2day.. n we move on!

i had a very good durian last night, so happy.. let me try 2finish è coconut water now… n get new stock nex week!

aft a very tiring week, it’s fri! lots 2catch up!!

i still cringe when i hear ivf/icsi being terminated half way.. fear.. junior b healthy n stay with us!



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