33wks flew in…

we r finally hm.. aft a buzy wkend of unpackin n cleannin..

over é 2wks stay, we managed a sim card failure.. a visit 2dr rol, fil bdae @a far away land jus aft we move 2hotel, a fire @é 街口 where é hotel is.. neighbour complainin abt ceilin spallin.. so many thgs tat happened..

i din expect è swollen hands n legs 2come in so fast, but my legs really showin water retentñ.. n my hands r achy..

last job is 2paint! let me try 2ask if nippon paint team does small jobs…

smtimes junior hv very obvious reaction when i m takin abt smthg or eatin smthg.. so magical!! i guess i will miss pregnancy a bit, esp when junior moves n kicks in é small space.. we been through a lot to b where we r today…

a lady ask a men sleepin on reserve seat 2wak up n give up é seat 2me.. so interesting!! haha…

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