jus as i was on mrt as usual this morn, i felt a strong kick from junior… hope u r doin well.. see u in 11 weeks!!

i really feel hungry easily now.. growl~~ last night (thurs) i had a bad bad dream.. i dreamt i was bleedin lik menses.. i called dr rol clinic n he ans è phn.. i told him wat happened n ask if i can go down.. he said they r runnin short of time n 2go tml.. then i told him i will go kkh.. i tried very hard 2feel junior kick but i think i felt nothin.. i went kkh, é nurses were sceptical if hb can b found.. n eventually a still born came out.. omg! freak me out…

anyway it’s a fri, buzy one.. n last class @mt a…

i still see posts from ivf/icsi thread… hope we all get our bundle of joy soon!

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