long weekend.. many errands!

here me takin train 2town on a sun morn! tml will b brkfast with kaki..

this weekend is filled with hdb site assess aptms, baby fair, suddenly inspired camera searchin, pre loved baby items pass on, meetin kakis/sis, taka sale visiting celebrate his bdae!

n i saw a funny post in smwhere, a mummy is uoset coz a famous gyne din ans her call on sm “commonly seen” symptoms.. but if i m her, i would not wan 2speak 2doc abt this.. i would hav gone down 4consultñ directly.. if they r closed or closin soon, i will jus walk in kkh/sgh 24h o&g or delivery suite.. isn’t trtm more impt than words of comfort..
like when i felt less movm from junior, all i wanted is to do a ctg 4a peace of mind.. but in è end, è mo @kkh also checked on fluid n contractñs.. it cluld hav been other problems lik low aminotic fluid..

last night, junior did a really hard kick n he felt it.. while we were eatin supper.. amazin!!

i had dreams of baby coffins.. i thk coz of a pic i saw on fb..

waitin 4sis 2arrive, but i ordered food already… realised i 4got 2tak supp 2day.. opps.. shall ask him 2brg out..



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