week 27 n movin on…

last sat, dr rol ask wats our concern coz i was askin 101 qns on premature contractñ, steroids injectñ 2help baby lungs mature… he said he dun see we hav a risk, n anycase a baby born week 32 hav a good chance of survival, mayb 1wk in highest lvl nicu n 1week in lower level nicu.. we dun hav a big gap btwn that week n now.. actually i forgot 2tell him i m very scared junior dies in my womb n i dun know..

i jus feel wat my fellow smh said b4, if a miscarriage is round è corner, there isn’t anythg we can stop. but @least i want 2know we hav tried our best to save junior.. n when we wish hod can help us, i always rem a word of wisdom from an old kaki.. god may wish that u are doin smthg 2help urself so that god can help u 2help urself!

these 2days, junior develop a new way of movin.. i totally feel a kitty pushin his limbs in my womb.. mighty little kitty!

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