é long awaited visit..

finally 4weeks passed, we saw dr roland again.. told him abt é kk visit n wat was checked.. he said we look @é baby 1st.. b4 he scan, he touched a bit n everythg feel ok.. he was sayin nice n soft.. when he scan, é spine n hb looks ok too.. head n stomach measures 2week ahead.. he dun see anythg suspicious, so he thinks should b ok.. i was tellin é clinic asst tat kkh delivery suite has a lot of drama.. suddenly smthg can happen n 10 person will rush 2a room! but é wait is short, unlike 24h o&g…

i asked my list of qns n he feels junior wun hav a high risk arrivin pre-mature.. he is at abt 1.3kg today!

i felt so bad i had 2turn down my kakis invitatñ 2b jie mei 4her weddin.. she asked me as i was discharge from kkh delivery suite..

he is so cute.. we had a lot of errands 2run today.. n he said felt like on holiday! get out é morn early in morn… indeed we completed most of é thgs! yeah!!

back @mil’s shop.. i wonder i can come down how many more times.. accordin 2é app, we r 89days away..

as i sat at é benches near mil shop, i felt waves of movm by junior, he got to feel a bit.. i call it phase 3 movm.. haha…

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