mid week, 26w6d

i feel weird these days.. either junior does not move much or he moves big time.. pressin hard n strong inside my womb. yesterday n last night, it was pressin very hard at è top of my stomach.

this morn, i dun feel it movin till now, where i m already half way near ofc. let me continue 2observe for é rest of é day. nex visit is 3days away, can’t wait 2see dr roland!

in è end i freaked out b4 end of é day n walk in 2kkh 2check if junior doin ok.. i was asked 2go 2é delivery suite @lvl2, coz o&g only for up to 22wks of pregnancy.. no q @all, i went 2é observatñ area 2b strapped with ctg machine by nurse..
doc on duty came to see me aft lik 30-40 mins.. the bb hb is ok, mild contractñs, checked cervix n no blood n cervix closed… did a quick scan n saw é fluid level is ok too.. he came 2fetch me ard 7plus n è bill for é day is sgd170…

anyway @è delivery suite observatñ area, it was very drama! suddenly i heard comotñ in é nex curtain n many people dash in n out… é pa came on n announce code smthg at delivery suite.. omg.. made me teared!

i called dr rol clinic b4 goin 2kkh, but it was a bit too late n the nurse suggest 4me 2go tml.. this morn, é nurse called back n ask if i was feelin ok.. i told them i went 2kkh n did é ctg there..

today he said he wanted 2resign n tak a break, i jus told him 2go ahead n sell è car!

i realise mummy told jiu ma abt junior.. i m so stressed.. hope all goes well!


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