one task down…

this sat arrived, é guy i found on web came with another uncle 2do é dismantle job… i went out jus as when they r about 2start. he was punctual, abt 10mins early..

i went 4facial, @é spa place n did facial.. not bad.. at least é therapist really try 2extract n clean my face, i got 2 big towels 2put on my lower back, helps me b more.comfy throughout.. followed by nails aft tat.. he came 2pick me aft nails n took him a while 2see my sms..

i was indeed worried when i called n he did not ans.. i guess we jus hav 2b positive smtimes.. lunch/din @é chicken rice stall tat appeared on tv @boon keng mkt n hm..

back hm, i think é step @base of é wardrobe canot b dismantled n it stays.. é rest r gone n é rm is now airy.. but i think it still feels small.. at least we r more flexible with spaces now… nex is to clean up é rm n remove é stains…

can’t wait 4hdb 2start work!

nex sat is doc review week, hope junior is doin well so far…

backtrack-on tues i met 2old kakis 4din, n learnt 1 of é people i knew had a miscarriage coz fetal hb stop @detail scan, scary… anythg can happen… n she is young…

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