survived è 4th week wait…

no emergency walk in in btwn.. hope junior is doin well…

è wait is 1hr, ok for me.. i don see é usual 2nd tim mum, mayb she changed her aptm… é detail scan is all good, elimates most of é major problems.. gender boy.. growth a bit ahead, but it’s not goin 2change é edd..

i asked a list of med qns lik é need 4episiotomy n will there likely be keloids… he said mostly likely he will cut, tear risky long run n dangerous 4asian women.. keloids unlikely for tat part of é skin coz higher blood flow…

i asked abt epidural, he recommend usin 4first, dun put urself 2go through é truma.. 2nd one not recommended 2use.. if he is not around there will b a standby doc n mt alv will know who to page..

i also ask é usual cutoff for premie, in case i hav serious contractions, i need 2know if i should go mt alv or kkh… he said fair qns, usually aft 35wks is quite safe.. but he thinks i should b ok, but i still think u never know…

é scan today is quite funny.. junior facing inside n he turned a bit as we scan.. saw part of é face.. n é very obvious gential… tummy a bit big, opps… this is é face!


i asked abt placenta, he says still a bit over è cervix, should b good 2try natural, but to abstain from bd n strenous exercise.. no clots around cervix, tat’s good in a way…

we went 2a lot of places aft é doc.. 2marina sq to return 2pieces n loan 2new maternity wear, 2chinatown for é baby goods shop on level 3 blk 34, to rws 2use é parkin voucher, tried msian food.. 2vivo 2shop a bit more.. n finally 2mil shop… i may b é most calm n not excited mum-to-be, everythg think prudent n keep secretive…

during supper, bil was so confident that any pregnancy aft 3m can b confirmed, we kinda told him a lot of thgs can still happen actually.. but i guess not everyone is like us – 船头怕人, 船未怕鬼, 船中间怕漏水! dar dar actually told them if it’s not for the tummy that we canot hide anymore, he wun even wan 2tell till dec aft junior is out… meow~


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