5d to nex visit

it’s é countdown moment again.. 5d to nex visit 2gyne n review é detail scan report.. junior jus gave me a kick @my upper stomach.. woo.. i guess it’s bad n busy day ahead.. brace on!

super tired @work 2day.. sm people r jus weird, dun believe dun sign up…

bff doin d&c 2day, i trust 2believe everybaby have it’s course in life.. dun think 2much about è 冲 thgs…

last fri we went back 2mil shop 2tak smthg.. he told them abt junior arrivin around xmas n it’s a boy.. 2day fil called n said er sao is expecting too! as i expected! mayb she wun come 2junior 1st mth celebratñ… i really can’t stand her brgin an army everywhere she goes… same thg, i m so worried about é 冲 thgs, but i guess believe in ourselves!

i m browsing é 1st mth celebration goodies.. we really hope junior grow up well, look 4ward 2dec!

smthg we tried yesterday @expo, nex 2baby fair…


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