national day…

post detail scan on tues, no calls from gyne clinic, i guess nothg wrong bah.. i will still try 2call nex week lar…

one of é ttc watsapp group kaki fb msg me.. she went through tough times last few mths.. hope thgs get better for her.. i text sm of é rest n 1 of them is takin off soon 2try 1 more fresh.. let me try 2mail them é 好孕棉 n opk, i really wish our kids all arrives in this 1 year n grow up together!! i met é one takin off this wkend n saw è handyplast on her hand…  心痛 for her.. really hope she bfp this cycle n healthy baby in arms in 9mth time…

3 of them r cyclin / goin 2cycle in aug.. i m goin 2meet 1 of them this noon n post out é rest today… without their advices, we would not have started ivf so soon…

he left work late on fri, pick me from ps at 8pm, went shuffle 2try our luck, too bad, no luck.. headed 2beer market, had din n drks.. played pool! with junior.. i was still hungry n had my fav chinatown porridge!!


i guess 18weeks to junior arrival, will è home furnishin be completed by then?

after junior arrives, i hope 2brg fil over for lunch on sun lik once or twice a mth.. then send him back n say hi to mil… i can only hope 4é best.. lookin 4ward 2dec!!

this morn, i walked 2é mkt n bought breakfast.. l luv mkt! the stall hawkers call me xiao mei!

i m here again, this tim waitin 4my watsapp kakis.. mum is comin later.. 还愿。。。


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