passed 19wks, another 19wks 2go…

we went 4è usual visit, dr was really shorthanded, haha.. é doc had 2prepare é armchair for scan.. when he started scannin we saw junior suckin his thumb, so funny…


he thinks all looks normal. i felt it looks a bit crowded, but he said it’s ok. he said é last tim already saw è gender right, i told him 70%, even aft detail scan it is only 95% right.. he laugh n said they try not 2say 100%. he scan n said sure boy lar.. he saw è scortum, all was jus shadow! but he said it’s scortum lar.. i asked in his clinic wat’s é mostly occured gender for icsi is boy or ger? he said boy, coz é most good lookin sperms r è fastest swimmers..

junior was steppin on my cervix when doc was scannin, but i can’t feel anythg. he asked about fetal movem, i can’t really feel.

è scan shows junior is 21w, n my detail scan is on tues! it will b@peh, i went there 4hsg before… ohh oh, i hav 2tak half day leave..

lunch is chicken pot @novena square2, with my groupon! haha! happy us… no pics coz 2hungry.

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