new week..

bff told us she’s preggie w/2nd bundle of joy.. so happy 4her! i was very worried about é 冲 for a moment.. but like he said dun keep thinkin abt these thgs…

visited é new site, super unfinished.. glad i made it there n back unbroken..



good find for dinner…

back hm, i read through è life policies.. made sm comparison.. n i think è 1st set looks more suitable.. i text é agent, let’s settle this asap..

i hav 2force myself 2set aside $$ for retirm.. really…

we discussed é antenatal/childbirth classes dates of mt a.. he felt we should sign up immed n actually on his laptop n started 2do step by step.. ladies card 1st.. then é classes.. so we r goin 2start 1st week of sep, will b 24weeks at then!! he’s so cute..


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