another scare on a stormy thurs again

it was rainin lik crazy this morn.. i had some very watery discharge since wed.. n it continued 2thur.. i called é clinic n é nusrse asked é doc.. he said 2come down 11.30.. noon not possible got doc needs 2do 3procedures.. i told him i m goin 2clinic n will update him..

in é end he drive all é way 2fetch me.. made him buzy.. we waited for a while.. saw doc abt 12.30pm.. he said he is concern of é watery discharge. so he will do a swap test 2see if it’s infectñ n a simple scan 2check baby is ok n if é amino level is ok.. when he checked é amino level looks ok n é baby looks ok too.. baby is active, n he scan, scan.. think he saw è gender.. he asked if we wan 2see anythg, so funny.. then ask anythg leakin, is baby swollen.. then he asked anythg else? dun wan 2know é gender? i ask can see?? he said do u see anythg btwn? indeed smthg, most likely boy, lik 70%.. let’s see @detail scan..

we went 4lunch @velocity, had a pasta i din eat for a very long time…


happy lunch.. he sent me back 2ofc, poor him, made him so buzy..

buzy noon, time passes quickly.. nice.. left at 6pm, too tired..

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