bouncin wkend…

finally it’s sat! n aft lik a 40min wait, we see è dr! é moment he started scannin, we saw junior bouncin! lik flippin here n there.. haha.. so funny… n doc tried 2see é gender, he thinks he see scrotum, n we saw a small piece of smthg pokin out… but when junior flip again, he said he thinks he saw é clitoris… anyway he thinks junior is a boy.. we juz hope 4è baby 2be healthy.. for a moment i m worried baby may hav both gentials. hope not n i m tryin 2not worry so much now.. active baby durin é scan, i m stil smilin..

he gave me a prescription 4my eczema attack, i bought é cream @guardian pharmacy, only sgd4..

aft é clinic, we went 2my fav sungei rd laksa! n i got call from salon there is a slot at 2pm, so we quickly finish é laksa n went 4facial at 2.15pm.. i think we should jus order sgd 2 servin, 3bowls.. i asked é cockles 2b more cooked, din enjoy so fully as i was quite in a hurry.. but still nice..


my therapist say junior may b a boy! i bought active moist bigger siz n there were good gifts.. plus a very beautiful box.. walk to centerpoint n bought some m&s tea for é lovely one @taiwan.. met é one back from tw @h&m n we headed 2alexandra village 4din.. ordered bbq seafood-sotong n baby kailan, n a black carrot cake..

i packed é good luck gifts for love in taipei in2 é active moist box.. n tape it all over..

finally 2supper n home.. i was so so tired!! slept with a smile, i still rem how junior was flippin at é scan..

sun nite n it’s ah ma’s bdae! we breeze through no1 asked.. i wore é white singlet n maternity shorts.. i talked 2cousin wifey on her scary delivery @32weeks.. baby was in nicu for 1 mth.. thankfully everythg is fine now n bb is super cutie.. we really hope nex year we can bring baby junior 2ah ma’s bdae! i felt sm stirs as we left uncle’s home, i think mayb junior wok up n enjoyin é vegeterian dinner!!


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