7 days 2see baby again!

i told boss on wed late noon, i think i can wait 2b sack now..

7.5days 2oscar scan… woohoo!

my fingers swell on wed morn, had a bad scare.. dun know wats wrong..

sis hurt her feet on tue, so poor thg… i only knew abt it on wed morn…

juz as i tot by not goin 2 é neighbourhood doc on wed nite is savin$$, i had brown red spottin on thurs morn, saw it aft readin é papers.. went off 2kk 24h o&g walk in to see é doc on duty 2find out wats wrong… she thinks it’s ok, baby is fine, junior was bouncin up n down.. could see arms n legs, cervix is closed.. so my duph up to 3x per day now… a sgd 120 visit n sgd70 med… 1d mc… so glad it’s ok… it’s 12w 3d, 5.93cm, bouncin, he was smilin.. we happy4 now.


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