creepin past mid week

some bits here n there… my watsapp grp chat closed juz lik tat, i din really know y but i guess everyone moved on 4a good reason! hope we all hav our cutie pie in arms very very soon.

met my 2bff tue nite n told them about my edd in dec, i can feel they r genuinely happy 4us, n wish us all é best n told me 2dun think too much… b positive, dun think of anythg bad happening. back hm alone, i was extremely tired n dozed off with tv on…

it’s end of wed n he is on é back way from é far east. i had a good din b4 takin é mrt hm.. ex but fulfillin! nex gyne visit is on sat, can’t wait, hope all is good n we tak é oscar bt on mon.

i actually threw out é cup noodle from nose in é noon, tom yum flavour, my inner part of nose was burnin!

in é end i jump onto his car n we walk in 2é usual neighbourhood gyne, we waited 4a patient b4 us, n we saw é dr. he did a scan, saw é umblicia cord, é yolk sac, é fetus n heartbeat. he on è speaker n we heard é heartbeat too. he tried 2do a 3d scan but canot see anythg meaningful.

basically he dun see ivf pregnancy as high risk pregnancy, he jus feel tat it’s a very precious pregnancy. i m still contemplating if i should switch out. let us continue to think… i let out a giggle when i heard é heartbeat. let us b positive!

n my dearest dar dar is so cute, he never lik 2see doc even when he is ill n free, but when i need 2see gyne 4anythg, he will juz go with me.. n esp now when we go 4extra checks, he will juz pay n ask innocently if he can see é screen durin é scan. each visit 2é ltr gyne is lik sgd120 – sgd130, totally not cheap…

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