5th fri with junior awareness

it’s been slightly more than a mth since é bt call on 19apr sat. n é et call happened on a sat too!

this fri i m sittin on é reserve seat, shamelessly, opps.. but i m juz so tired n giddy smtimes, spare me.

tml should b 9w 3d, nx sat i shall visit dr e 2get a check on junior b4 é down sym screenin bt on mon. tml, we will b visitin a talk at glen on stemcord bankin, hope it’s interesting…

on é doc, smthg i find funny, dr thh will juz scan 1st even b4 askin anythg, i guess 4ivf mummies, scan 1st more impt than anythg else…

on fri evening, he pick me up from ofc n we headed 2holland area 2look 4dinner. é coffeeshop looks not interestin n we tried this claypot rice which is not bad. é wait was abt 20mins plus, n it was not cooked with salted egg nor 腊肠。 double soup is nice too, very home made, cuttle fish n peanuts 2enhance é flavour of é soup. while waitin, i bought a rojak too, it’s quite well prepared n i love é apples in it. xman @great world, like é pace n timin of 8.15pm, went hm n dozed off.. as usual.

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