rainy sat morn, kk visit finally

thunder n lighting this morn, i felt it was a bad sign, but he felt it was good so tat it wun b so warm n humid…

finally we r goin back 2see dr thh, hopefully. let’s pray junior is still doin well later… my fear is beyond descriptñ…

we went in2 é consultñ rm lik @10.30am. he said looks ok, edd he is changin to 24 dec. he said é binucleauty embryo affects embryos survival rate, so é lab @kk actually do try their best 2giv é embryos best chance even if it means more work for them. i truely appreciate it, i know these r dif protocol 2follow as most of é embryos most likely wun mak it.

he said he understands we muz b very worried, but no1 can predict é future. any1 of in é rm may not even be around in dec, it’s life. dun think of uneccessary thgs…

also dun think about é nex ivf, or letrozole. jus tak care of urself now…

cheerful nurse @kk doin my registratñ, but i think i m é only mum to be tat does not smile nor look happy… funny goodie bag, good in a sense as i got 2know a new brand of strechmark cream / oil…


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