long week

full workin week. start off by throwin out all my lunch on mon, pick up mum n sis from airport n rushin 2gyne near hm 4a walk in aptm… dr saw fetus n he think it’s lookin ok… measurin 8.7mm, saw yolk sac n flikerin heartbeat… gave me neausea n constipation med… hope it helps…

slightly better tues, tired start wed…

i juz wish 4a healthy bb in our arms in 8m plus… é gyne on mon says it will b a xmas baby, dun worry, looks good now. é nurse also told me not to worry…

wed lunch i made a trip 2town 2buy sm corporate gift packagin materials… had a japanese bento @wisma, tasty but é meat servings were bit too little, esp é saba. i realised if i eat thgs i like, i tend 2feel better n less likely 2throw up (hopefully), but i still feel hungry easily… gosh, tat’s not good…

if i can pass é oscar scan, we may go 2dif hospital tour, juz 2enjoy é moment…

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