1st fri together for a long time…

this is é 1st fri we r meetin since i returned 2work… went 4din, din managed 2eat my much craved chongqing steamboat, but managed 2hav sm yummy steak.

were wanderin around n decided 2watch é spiderman movie… at é endin, when é aunt was packin, she said uncle ben’s thgs r part of her, but she needs 2pack them, make her feel lighter n find a good place 2keep it… i suddenly feel lik it’s tellin me é baby is gone, i was cryin in é cinema, i think i freak him out. on é way hm n in é car, he was askin if we should go see dr heng or another gyne in between, but i kinda feel if they think everythg is ok @week7, does not mean it will still b ok in week 8… if é baby does not have the right chormosome 2continue developin, it will still go off on it’s own… n i think i saw a little bit of spottin 2day, i guess it helps 2set my thinkin wild too…

no matter wat, life goes on, n we muz b brave…


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